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Kaduna: Is North ‘hostile’ to music entertainment? – Zacboy reveals

…Officially unveils “Supper Celebrity” in Kaduna.

by Achadu Gabriel, Kaduna

Zacboy Music Entertainment Mgt team includes: Don Oliver – Artist Manager; Monday B. Agada – Board member;
Ighodalo Ehizogie – CEO, and the Celebrity – Peter Chapola Emmanuel, aka “Zacboy,”
at unveiling briefing/ceremony in Kaduna Thursday. 

As Zacboy Entertainment officially presents the unveiling of a Supper Celebrity to the public and music world in Kaduna, the talented music star, Peter Chapola Emmanuel, popularly known as “Zacboy,” has joined his superiors in lamenting about what he termed as the “hostile atmosphere” of music entertainment industry in the north.

Peter Chapola Emmanuel, whose parents hail from Adamawa and Kaduna States, respectively, also gave an insight into the alleged ‘hostility’ to music entertainment in north at Kenfeli Hotel, venue of the ceremony, alleging that northerners lack support, sponsorship and investment in Western music.

The celebrity, who was fielding questions from newsmen, also explained that north does not sponsor music entertainment projects as much as obtainable in Southwest states, apparently owing to culture, traditional and religious dictates.

Earlier, the management of Zacboy Entertainment, which unveiled Emmanuel, promised to do everything humanly possible to finance Zacboy to get to his peak in music industry, even if it will cost them hundreds of millions of naira, because of his talent.

Zacboy Entertainment logistics and Artist Manager, Mr. Don Oliver, first introduced the Super Celebrity as very talented, who discovered himself at the age of 7 years in Church and, at 10 years’ old by his Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Mr. Ighodalo Ehizogie.

He said, “Zacboy will become an Award-winner in a short distance time. His management team officials have worked with so many music icons and artists in Nigeria and made contact with several producers on how Emmanuel music is going to be projected into the future.

“Many artists have been coming to see how they can work with him. He has over 20 thousand followers in his Instagram page already. 

“Zacboy, a raw talent, will be having his first studio session time with producer Resy, who has produced for Dabanj and a host of all other top music artists in Nigeria. 

“ “Zac” means, ‘some great thing about to happen in the world,’ that’s why we give him that name. After the production, we will be shooting video with Maxmax with Zacboy – same man, who did it for people like 2face, Idibia and others. 

Also speaking, the CEO, Ehizogie, said, “I discovered him and saw that he can do great things than every other musicians in Nigeria. Even, if we spend hundreds millions of naira to produce the music, we don’t mind. I know of others, who spent much more than that, and yet could not succeed because they didn’t get it right.”

A board member, Monday B. Agada, also said “I have been in music for a long while. I’ve had contact with a lot of musicians. We’ve used this medium to bring up a lot of artists. We are ready to support him financially. We imagine Zacboy a leader in Afro music.

“We are the one grooming him and, soon, be seen him high. We have already gotten a producer, director that will all be working to okay his music, including the publicity and social media,” he assured. 

On his part, Zacboy said, “I believe I’m going to surprise the world, with my CEO support. I follow WizKids music and in church where I started singing. Five years from now, I see myself winning international music awards,” he promised, adding that, “My stage name is Zacboy. North don’t support, sponsor artists and they don’t invest in music.”

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