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Peter Obi’s Presidential victory delay is my greatest pain – Kaduna LP Chairman

by Achadu Gabriel, Kaduna

Chairman Kaduna State chapter of Labour Party (LP), Hon. Auwal Tafoki, has said the delay in declaration of their party’s Presidential candidate, Mr. Peter Obi, and his Vice Presidential candidate, Datti-Ahmed, was his greatest regret and pains.

Hon. Tafoki, who made the remarks in an interview in Kaduna office, said LP would have swept and captured Kaduna and many other states, if INEC were fair and just and declared Obi as winner before Governorship and State Assembly elections.

Hon. Auwal Tafoki stated that, “The world over and, Nigeria in particular, are waiting with enthusiasm in anticipation that, if justice is done, LP and Obi will also win in presidential election tribunal.

“But my greatest regret and pain is that the victory is coming late after Governorship and State Assembly elections have come and gone in Kaduna State instead, before the elections.

“You see, unfortunately the system does not allow justice to be done immediately. We in Kaduna State know that Peter Obi won the election but INEC manipulated BVAS and allocated votes as they so wished.

“Our greatest regret in Kaduna State is that, had it been the presidential election was declared immediately in favour of Obi, it could’ve been a different ball gain for us.

“But we are hopeful that Obi will be declared the winner and, at the same time, is going to perform exceptionally and wonderfully well, so much that, no party will win Kaduna State except Labour Party, in the next elections.

“You know he will do very well at national level. We know and I trust him because I followed him campaign, and he has good intention particularly for the northerners and Nigeria in general.

“He has a blueprint for the north. He came to Arewa House and sale his blue print. In Kaduna State we have one of the best support groups in Nigeria. They came out and supported LP financially, morally with all their times. 

“So, for somebody to come and say Obi did not win, we are watching and God is also watching him. We have hope and confidence in the judicially and hopeful that they will do justice,” he stated.

He also revealed the secret of what Kaduna LP is doing to keep members and supporters of Obi together and intact, pending the time the victory would finally come.

“What we are doing to keep our supporters intact is that we supported them with open policy leadership in LP. We are transparent and carry everybody along. 

“That’s why we don’t have crisis except few miscreants, who are trying to bring one. Thank God, we have checkmated them. Even their own people are calling us that they are not in support of what their masters have done. 

“If Obi is declared today, other parties will start packing their loads, I can assure you of that, because LP has come to stay in Kaduna State,” he assured.

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