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Terror attacks, killings may lead to 3rd World War – Nigerian fmr Minister

…“We know where the terrorists are living.”

…“Any further attacks will see surprises” – ACDA President. 

by Achadu Gabriel, Kaduna

Nigeria’s former Minister of Environment, Mrs. Laurentia Laraba-Mallam, has called on relevant government authorities to do everything humanly possible urgently, to averts terrorists’ attacks and killings before it leads to third World War.

She gave the warning in an interview with newsmen at the instance of protests against persistent attacks and killings in her communities in Atyab chiefdom, in Zangon Kataf LGA of Kaduna State.

Mrs. Laraba-Mallam, who was also a former Chairman of Zangon Kataf LG, said the terrorists could be fished out under one minute and sent away from where they are living in Zangon Urban by government, as revealed by community leader.

According to her, the President of Atyab Community Development Association (ACDA), Comrade Samuel Achi, earlier said they know where the terrorists are living, in Zangon Urban, warning that any further attacks on any person in Atyabland would be vehemently resisted with surprises.

“I’m here with my people to cry out to God and the whole world about what is happening in this community. Our people are being killed like rats; homes, properties destroyed. We have suffered this for so many years, and it seems that there is no way out. 

“So, we are here to let the whole world know, and to call on government at all levels to do something before the third World War sets in. We have had first and second World Wars but, if something is not done to stop what’s happening here, it could lead to the third World War.

“Government can stop it. How can a small place like this will be going through what is happening and government cannot do anything. Government can stop what is happening here within one hour. 

“I was elected chairman of this LGA, in 1999 to 2002, and I know what I went through. And I’ve served in other capacities, and I know what is happening here,” she lamented.

While she admitted there is a ‘political undertone’ to suppress the people, Mrs. Lawrencia noted that the politicians control the country, saying, “To add to what the president of ACDA has said, he said that they know where the terrorists are living in Zangon Urban. And, if they are living in Zangon Urban, within one minute they can fish them out and send them away from that place, but government does not want to do it.

“And he (Achi) has now said, if there is any (further) attack on any of the communities again, what will follow will not be good. So, let government listen and try to avert the next ‘World War.’ 

“Agreed, there’s political undertone in what is happening – to suppress the people, because the politicians are the ones controlling the country.  Yes, I will say, the government leaders were elected, the president was also elected. I’m saying that there is political undertone,” she added.

Rt. Hon. Danladi A. Kwuaso, representing Zango Constituency, and his predecessor also spoke to newsmen in an interview:

While the former member of Kaduna State House of Assembly and Chairman Atyab People’s Political Stakeholders Forum responsible for organising the protest that took place on Monday, in collaboration with ACDA, said the event is timely for people and the world “to hear us, since killings have not stopped.”

He also expressed shock for government to bring in politics into the killing “because this killing has remained unabated since 20 years back when it started,” he stated.

He also said the gathering was organised to stabilize the community and polity because voters, who are electorates, cannot be taken away. According to him, the traditional rulers, currently being accused, had done well and commended by the state, from previous reports published in some national dailies.

On the reports of Sector Commander of Operation Safe Heaven, he said “Brig-Gen. Timothy Opurum’s report was looking at another direction,” saying, all that was said about security reports were not true.

“So, we are using this medium to address it. All these attacks and killings recently, the victims are not assisted by government and no single perpetrator arrested till now. They are claiming they don’t know where this people are coming from,” he regretted.

Rt. Hon. Danladi A. Kwuaso, a retired Wings Commander, also stated in an interview that security of lives and property in any society is the primary responsibility of the Chief Executives of both States and Federal Government.

“We can only raise a motion and send to the executives. I blame the executives for any insecurity, who are in control of the use of force to stop it in less than a week. Like a former President said, “In all of this, I blame the government, and of even been complicit in the happenings.”

Earlier, in his World Press Conference speech, the ACDA President had stated that over 518 people have been killed, 20 communities displaced, 18 houses burnt down and thousands taken refuges, since 2017, in different locations without any assistance like relief materials by government. 

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