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PRESIDENTIAL ELECTIONS: Sheikh Gumi predicts ‘chaos’ if court fails to uphold truth

…Says, “INEC failed the nation.”

by Achadu Gabriel, Kaduna

A renounced Islamic cleric and former military officer, with the rank of Captain in the Nigeria Defence Academy (NDA), Dr. Ahmad Abubakar Gumi, has predicted that calamity may befall Nigeria, if the outcome of the Presidential elections are not judiciously handled with utmost truth.

Dr. Gumi who is currently the Mufti and Mufassir at the Kaduna Central Mosque, Sultan Bello, noted that, more than ever before, Nigeria may be thrown into chaos, if court failed to uphold the truth of the 25th Presidential elections fallout.

The Kaduna-based Islamic cleric, in his official Facebook posts, stated that “The I.N.E.C. has failed the nation by sowing more distrust and suspicion because it failed to follow its own guidelines in conducting last week’s elections. Fortunately, that is the first step in seeking legitimacy; therefore, aggrieved parties should go to court.

“We sincerely hope the courts of law this time will also prove its worth and uphold the truth. It’s the last hope that Nigerians can resort to, otherwise, it will lead to chaos that no other force can contain, as the nation is already polarized along religious and tribal fault lines.

“Nigeria is our only country; we have to save it from calamity by acting bravely, honestly, free from political hypocrisy that requires putting thorny issues
under the rug,” he warned.

Sheikh Gumi also stated that, “I truly hope that the courts of law this time will also demonstrate their value and uphold the truth. This is because, if they don’t, there might be an uncontrollable pandemonium.”

Sheikh Ahmad Gumi continued, “An administration can only become legitimate when the election process is credible and transparent. When such are absent, the government will function as a political party controlled by a few privileged cabals.

“I urge the opposition parties to go to the trenbolone enanthate for cutting Supreme Court to re-establish the supremacy of law and to teach our younger generation the value of resolving conflicts through legal means rather than violence,” Sheikh Ahmad Gumi said once more.

“I counsel people to wait until the end of the litigation process, because it is very crucial to the well-being of our country. I believe the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) violated its own rules when administering the election last week,” he stated.

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