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Election Results: Religious, traditional leaders appeal to Nigerians for calm

by Achadu Gabriel, Kaduna

Rev. Wuye (left) and Imam Ashafa

As Nigerians await the elections results from INEC, religious and traditional leaders have called on the electorates to be calm and patient, for peace and stability across the country.

They also called on candidates and their followers to accept elections results in good faith for peace and stability in the country, and appealed to the entire citizens of the country to unite and make the country a better place. 

The Directors of Interfaith Mediation Center (IMC), Sheikh Dr. Nuraini Ashafa, and James M. Wuye, made the calls during an interview with journalists in Kaduna.

According to them, they also called on Nigerians to remain in peace and harmony, saying, “Let’s unite and save our nation from avoidable anarchy, in the spirit of our common humanity.

“We call on all and sundry to eschew all forms of violence emanating from outcome of these elections and embrace each other in an atmosphere that will enable us to live in peace,” the said.

Ashafa and James emphasized on the need for all Nigerians to equally avoid all forms of jubilation that can infringe on the rights of others or protest the outcome, at the detriment of others. 

While stressing that all forms of killings and destruction happening in Kano and other states in the ongoing election are condemnable and sacrilegious to religions and values, they urged the government to immediately arrest the situation, and bring respite to all the affected communities across the nation. 

“May peace prevail in Nigeria. Long live, the Federal Republic of Nigeria,” they prayed.

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