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NGOs provide age-long neglected Ogbona Community PHC with Clean Water, others

by Achadu Gabriel, Kaduna

SHIFT Nigeria, NPAG Provide borehole water to Ogbona Community

After decades of neglect, NGOs, ‘SHIFT Nigeria’ in partnership with ‘Nigerians Physicians Advocacy Group’ (NPAG), has commenced transformation of the primary healthcare facility in Ogbona community, beginning with a borehole, according to release made available to journalists in Kaduna on Thursday.

The about 60 years Ogbona Community Primary Health Care (PHC) Center, in Isako Central LGA, Edo State, had reportedly suffered many years of neglect, and had prevented the community’s residents from having access to high-quality medical care.

“The NGOs had provided over 300 people free medical examination in Ikorodu, Lagos, and transformed a PHC center in Lere LGA of Kaduna State, in collaboration with NPAG, and completed two clean water projects in Aliade, Benue State, respectively,” it stated.

In the release, via Communication Director of SHIFT Nigeria, Nankwat Dakum Mbi, they further stated that many Ogbona community members had, in the past, been compelled to travel out of the town, in order to access the care they required, often at the cost of lives lost in the process.

According to the NGOs, it was, therefore, a nightmare for the community before the current intervention to address the particular problems that kept the PHC facility from operating effectively, in order to transform the lives of the people in this community.

“We frequently state that our aim is to guarantee that every community has access to the necessities of life when they are due, and we are grateful to have partners like NPAG, who collaborates with us to achieve this goal.

“There are many problems with the PHC Center in Ogbona that we are distressed as we see so many people suffering because they cannot receive the proper medical care. 

“By drilling a borehole to provide the facility with access to water, we have already started the process of addressing these problems one step at a time,” it stated.

Recalled that with the pleasure of the community, “SHIFT and NPAG, with the support of ANPA-Florida and Ogbona diasporans, including Mr Gilbert Odior, Charles E Orbih, the late Chief Willy Idode, and Okphe Ukpi, recently finished drilling a borehole to supply the health care facility with potable water.

“The borehole will benefit not only the center, but also the people who live nearby and do not have access to clean water,” they also stated.

Accordingly, as part of its commitment to empowering marginalized groups, “SHIFT Nigeria will also conduct awareness campaigns to promote healthy lifestyles and the necessity of voting in the next elections,” it added.

Speaking on the importance of the project, President of NPAG, Dr. Iyore James, also stated that, “In most rural areas of Nigeria, water-borne illnesses and poor waste management remain a leading cause of mortality, and Ogbona is not an exception.

“We do not only want to solve this problem, but also educate people on the importance of maintaining good health and choosing servant leaders.”

Some of the beneficiaries stated that, “By building this borehole in our PHC center, SHIFT Nigeria and NPAG have alleviated us of the stress of a water supply crisis.

One Amose, a member of the community, was quoted to have said that “They (NGOs) have made it easier for them to have access to clean water, and for that we are grateful.”

SHIFT Nigeria has continually worked to inspire and enable the transformation of underserved communities, completing meaningful projects and facilitating action-focused conversations; a non-partisan organization that builds support for transformative leaders in communities across the nation.

Through-make-change, it also organised members of the community to also amplify their voices on issues they faced and provide them the resources needed to address them.

Similarly, NPAG is also a non-partisan organization whose vision is to promote good governance to improve health, advocates for electoral reform, and participates in voter registration and PVC distribution, while providing free medical screening and medications.

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