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We’ve 16 years balance of pension and gratuity with PTAD – Kaduna retirees cry out

…Alleges many of their 700 members have died.

by Achadu Gabriel, Kaduna

Two of the affected retirees, Mr Bala Zakka and Emmanuel Adaji, in pensive mood.

Defined retired civil servants of Kaduna Polytechnic have decried sixteen years of outstanding balance of their pension and gratuity with Pension Transition Administration Directorate (PTAD).

Making the disclosure in Kaduna in an interview, two of the affected retirees – Mr. Bala Zakka and Emmanuel Adaji – both alleged that many of their members have died, while waiting for the payment of money in vain.

According to them, the money was part of the balance of their gratuity and pension that was paid them in ‘Grade Level’ (LG) instead of ‘Countiss’ after having retired from the service, in 2008.

They lamented that, “We were retired in April, 2008. We were receiving our salary on countiss, while in the service, but were paid our gratuity on GL, which is far lower than paying in countiss. 

“Our complaint that brought us here now is that, they were paying us our salary on countiss and, when they want to pay us our gratuity they started paying on ‘grade level’ instead of countiss.

“And when they finished verification and we were captured, some years later, they said they were going to pay us all the balance of countiss, and will start implementing it in our pension,” they said.

The duo added that, “This is because they stopped implementing our countiss as soon as they laid us off. They promised us that the balance of our gratuity not paid in countiss will be paid to us in 2011, and that we should not worry.

“They were also not implementing the countiss on our pension they are paying us. The FG, through PTAD, promised us (the defined staffs) that the difference has been clearly calculated and will be paid to us,” they restated.

According to them, “Between 23rd and 29th December, 2019, the government again promised to pay us soon, being the second time promise, and would implement the countiss on our pension. Till now, nothing has been done. pension. Till now, nothing has been done.

“We are crying to FG; many of our members have died, nothing has been done. Up till now, we are still collecting our pension on GL – 16 years after retirement!

“Up till now, the payment of balance of the countiss of our gratuity and pension has not been paid to us. Government should come to our aid,” the two elderly men decried.

The duo said the Polytechnic also promised to pay them before December, 2021, but nothing has been done till now, suspecting PTAD of being responsible for the delay in the payment of the balance of the money.

Emmanuel Adaji, of a family of six, is also a victim; and another affected retiree from Kaduna Polytechnic in the same year with Bala Zakka, also spoke to our reporter with, piety.

“The countiss money is our right,” they said, adding that, about 700 of their colleagues and members were among the affected staffs. 

On whether they have a Pension Committee leadership and what they have done, the duo said the committee is not doing anything other than only asking them to “go for electronic screening.” 

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