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Terrorists kill, demand N10m ransom for dead body in Kaduna

…“We know their place” – Family

by Achadu Gabriel, Kaduna

A notorious terrorist group, operating within Kaduna South area of Kaduna State, has demanded for N10 million ransoms for the dead body of late Obadiah Ibrahim victim kidnapped some weeks ago, the family revealed.

The family source, who is the deceased younger brother, told our correspondent in an interview on Saturday that, the bandits had collected over N3 million ransoms earlier and refused to release the victim kidnapped first week of October, 2022.

The family also revealed that the bandits’ location, at Old Kakau area, after U/Ayaba, is not far from Rido in Chikun LG area of the state, where the over N3 million and motor bikes were earlier delivered to them.

He said, “My brother’s name is Obadiah Ibrahim. He was kidnapped early October first week, in Sabon Gaya. Although, I wasn’t the one communicating with them, there was a negotiator. The issue is that, they demanded for N200 million, and later settled for N3 million plus.

“They said they should bring the money. After taking the money to them, they said they collect that one because their foods have finished; that we should go and bring N15 million. 

“They later came down to N5 million, to 3 motor bikes, and later collected one bike. After collecting a bike, we didn’t hear from them again. We tried to communicate with them but, unfortunately, we were unable.

“Then, on Thursday when the negotiator called them, they said his is dead. We thought they were joking. When we continued, they threatened the man that they will track him and come for him, if he did not stop.

“They said their own people were caught by police, tied to tree and killed. That, they did what they did because of what Nigeria Police is doing to their member. That they intentionally allowed Ibrahim to die, after collecting what they collected, because of what police is doing to their members.

“According to them, Ibrahim died on Monday and they informed us on Thursday. We asked for the corps and they said we should pay them N10m to bring the corps; that they will not work for us free of charge,” he said.

The bandits also said that, “Allah,” meaning, “to God who made them,” if we bring the money they will tie the corpse in three bags and bring it, throw where they picked him,” he stated.

Ibrahim, according to the family, had complained he was being tortured, beaten mercilessly almost on daily basis before he died.

“Unfortunately, they are not even far from where we went to give them the money – the over N3 million and N500,000 recharge card. It wasn’t long when they reached where they were, and collected everything and came back.

“From Rido, they enter inside, after Ungwan Ayaba, they said after “Soho,” i.e., Old Kakau or so, and Ungwan Ayaba and one place called Killing Corner (Konan Mutua), that is the area they stay,” he said.

He also revealed that “They came out, over 200 of them with guns; because they had military just pass there that time. And they are purely Fulanis. They finally said they cannot be able to bring the body again because it will be smelling to them. Maybe, they have thrown the corpse away. I have one of the numbers of them; maybe, the leader was communicating with us through reading as: 08025883304,” he lamented.

The sobbing younger brother of the deceased, however, blamed the death of his brother on the system, and queried the rationale for introducing registration of phone numbers when it cannot be used to track criminals using them.

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