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FG urged to make repairs of Ganawuri-Manchok Highway

by Christiana Gokyo, Jos

An appeal has made to the Federal Government to repair bad portions of the Ganawuri-Manchok highway, in order to ease the hardship being experienced by motorists and commuters plying the road.

The Council Chairman of Riyom Local Government, Mafeng Gwallson, made the appeal during an assessment visit to the dilapidated Federal road in the area.

He expressed worry over the hardship motorists are being subjected to on the road, and declared that the Local Government would not fold its arms until the road gets the needed attention from the government.

He appealed to motorists and commuters plying the road, particularly those living around Ganawuri-Manchok, to be patient, saying, the inspection was to ascertain the level of damage on the road with a view to report to the Federal Emergency Roads Maintenance Agency (FERMA) to fashion out the best way toward its reconstruction.

Also speaking, one Polonius Igbokwe (from Kafanchan) along with Aliu Adamu (from Ganawuri), who are both commercial drivers, lamented about the bad condition of the road, which according to them, is having an adverse effect on the users, stressing that a lot is needed to be done to repair it to reduce their hardships.

They also appreciated the Council Chairman, Mafeng Gwallson, for taking his time to inspect the dilapidated road. The Ganawuri-Manchok highway has been dilapidated to the extent that the commercial buses that used to fly the road, have had to abandon it for alternative access roads.

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