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2023: NGOs sensitize over 50 citizens on social media campaign promises tracking in Kaduna

by Achadu Gabriel, Kaduna

Empty political campaign promises to the electorates may no longer be business as usual, following the emergency of citizens’ engagement on utilization of “identified technology-driven platforms” for documenting and tracking campaign promises in the 2023 elections.

Titled, ‘Partnership for issue-based campaign in Nigeria learn in collaboration with Partnership to Engaged, Reform and Learn (PERL), the NGOs sensitized over 50 participating citizens on how to hold politicians accountable to their promises in Kaduna.

The objective of the one-day sensitization, also supported by UKaid and The Agenda, is to review existing identified technology-driven platforms for tracking and documenting campaign commitments, according to the state lead facilitator of PERL, Abel Adejor.

Others are to brainstorm on strategies to increased utilization of digital platform to promote issue-based campaign and set agenda for candidates and co-create work plan to scale up tracking of campaign commitments in states, among others.

The platforms identified for tracking campaign promises on social media include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and Tik Tok, respectively, according to the resources person. 

During the eight hours session, papers were presented on ‘Tracking campaign promises through social media,’ ‘utilization of technology-driven platforms’ and ‘presentation on imperatives for issue-based campaign,’ ‘Strategies for tracking and documenting campaign commitments leveraging on technology and others.’

Participants resolved that, electorates could collect monies from “moneybag” politicians, even on Bible or Qur’an oaths, and vote for the right candidate, adding that, collecting stolen money will have no effect on them but rather on the politicians.

Participants were also told that, the era of taking campaign promises hook, line and centre, without tracking and making an input has gone, saying, “It’s like giving money to an infant to go to the market and buy without lists of items required.”

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