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2023: We’ve concluded on whom not to Vote for – CAN reveals

by Achadu Gabriel, Kaduna

Rev. John Joseph Hayab

Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) says it has not concluded on whom to vote and whom not to vote for in 2023 general elections’ presidency.

The Kaduna State chapter chairman of the Association and northern CAN official, Rev. John Joseph Hayab, made the revelation in an elaborate remarks on Sunday at a programme, titled, ‘Special Prayer and Political/Security Service’ held in Kaduna.

Held at ECWA English Service (EES) Sobon Tasha Kaduna, and organised by the State CAN in her effort to update and guide Christ’s flock under her care on contemporary issues at this trying times, Rev. Hayab confirmed that, Christians have already concluded not to vote for Muslim-Muslim tickets in 2023.

He said Nigeria is faced with all kinds of dangerous inhuman activities and challenges of insecurities, ranging from killings and kidnapping orchestrated by nepotism, which led to so many complaints from different quarters.

“Before to 2023, Nigeria is going through terrible challenge of insecurity and division across the land. Nigerians have complained across board the kinds of nepotism that we find in the way leadership is being constituted in this country.

“And those are the key sensitivities that are making all these cries that we want this or that balance, here and there,” Rev Hayab noted. 

He continued that, “One, because of nepotism we have incapable people leading Nigeria or governing or carrying or executing very important things for Nigeria, which is not helping us. 

“Every day, this group of people will come, and we’ll say they have not done the right thing because we did not allow the system or the process to produce the right people. 

“So, Nigerians are saying they want competent and inclusive leaders, who understand the yearnings and aspirations of Nigerians and who can deliver them; because, Nigeria belongs to all, irrespective of zone, tribes and religion,” he said.

He, therefore, appealed to leaders not to be blinded by sentiments of ethnicity and religion in chosen who should become their leaders.

“What we are doing now is sensitizing our people to be consciousness of PVC so they’ll not waste vote this time around, in 2023, as had been the case in the past.”

Rev Hayab also lamented that so much money has been collected as ransoms from Christian families that would have been used for development, while citing examples of N50 million from Baptist College students, Greenfield (University N100 million) and more.

“We are saying, if our government has secured us, such money wouldn’t have gone to the criminals, that can be used to develop community,” he said, urging Christians to unite among the different churches and denominations to protect the churches strategically.

“Campaigns commence on 28th of September. We are looking at the criteria to seek out those who applied and see those to be knocked out and those not, and this will limit us to what we are going to do. For now, we are looking at those, who applied until campaign starts,” he said.

Over 50 pastors and church leaders attended the programme with four delegates from churches across the central zone, including Rev. Caleb Bawa Ma’aji, who is the Secretary.

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