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Jos NASCO applauded for sustaining loyalty to consumers

by Christiana Gokyo, Jos

The Plateau State Government says NASCO deserves to be recognized for its loyalty to the Nigerian consumer as it has consistently been one of Nigeria’s “most renowned brands.” 

Speaking during the inauguration of the New NASCO Cornflakes Plant held at NASCO Foods Ltd, Jos, on Thursday, the State Governor, Simon Lalong, said, “The secret, as we have come to discover, lies in its focus on providing a high-quality life to everyday Nigerians like you and I. 

“It is, therefore, instructive to note that since it began its operations 57 years ago, millions of Nigerians, from the post-independence generation to young Nigerians today, have all been able to share almost identical experiences from having used the different product categories, which NASCO has come to be known for.

“On a larger economic scale, long before government started to promote self-sufficiency in food production – a policy, which encouraged Nigerians to produce what they eat, NASCO’s adoption of the policy of back-ward integration in sourcing maize as its chief input for the production of cornflakes had empowered thousands of farmers on the Plateau and across many locations in Central Nigeria,” he noted.

Accordingly, he added, “This had directly impacted on the volume and quality of the maize that its suppliers were cultivating. Cumulatively, this process now integrates into the Buhari administration’s drive to develop the agriculture commodity supply chain for which maize has been recognized as one of the most important commodities. 

The governor affirmed that, “The overall goal of this initiative, of course, is the creation of jobs and wealth for Nigerians. As a government, we recognize that this desire is very much in line with NASCO’s mission to be a major driver of economic prosperity and social progress, and to bring about a reality where millions of Nigerians can live a high-quality life. 

“It has, therefore, been imperative to play our part as a government to provide an enabling environment for the private sector to pursue these ideals, because no society can make any meaningful progress without the active and productive participation of major private sector partners like NASCO,” he stated.

Lalong noted that, “This foremost company has not only deepened its presence in Jos, but has endured all the challenges that emerged at various times, which led to the exodus of many investors from the State.”

He recalled that, they have noted with great enthusiasm the giant strides taken by NASCO Foods Limited to deploy and harness the power of cutting-edge innovation in the cereal industry, in its desire to see that it improves the overall efficiency of its production process, knowing that any success realized in this effort will have a positive impact on the final product and, by extension, the market as a whole and the lives of its millions of customers. 

According to him, “This innovation and strategic investment in “state-of-the-art technology” equipment and machinery will further upgrade the standard of its cornflakes to match the most notable international brands in terms of superior quality and value. 

“This multi-billion naira investment, as I understand, was supported by the Bank of Industry through First Bank of Nigeria Plc. The level of this investment is encouraging and not only demonstrates the depth of the local and wider national markets for NASCO cornflakes, but also serves as a positive indicator that Plateau State has indeed regained the confidence of investors as a viable destination for both local and foreign capital inflows. 

“This is, therefore, a win-win for NASCO and for the Government and people of Plateau State. Through this investment, NASCO is guaranteeing the continuous and efficient production of its unique and high-quality cornflakes. 

“As I have been made to understand, at optimal capacity, the new machinery is expected to double its production capacity, increasing its supply chain, extending and widening its reach to more households in Nigeria and throughout the ECOWAS Sub-region.

“This will expectedly deepen its competitive advantage in the market through a higher level of customer-satisfaction in the areas of quality and price,” Lalong noted. 

The governor stressed that, “This strategic investment decision will provide improved working conditions for its dedicated employees through a highly-advanced manufacturing process, which produces a minimized environmental impact.

“In this way, NASCO has demonstrated to this Government as it has consistently done in the past, that, it is a good corporate citizen, committed to fulfilling its social contract within the community in which it operates.” 

He charge the management to continue to do more in its Corporate Social Responsibility by looking more in the areas of bringing up aspiring industrialists, while their wealth of knowledge and experience can mentor many and help them to stand on their feet.

“I am happy to unveil this brand new production line within our tenure, which is a fulfillment of one of the policy thrusts of the Rescue Administration that talks about ‘Sustainable Economic Rebirth.’ 

“Apart from giving NASCO and other companies the confidence to do business in the State, we have also attracted more investors, who have started businesses, particularly within the Small and Medium Enterprises categories. This has brought more jobs to our citizens and also boosted our IGR,” he said, and assured that, “We intend to keep doing more in Ease of Doing Business, improving peace and security and providing justice for all business persons, who invest in our State.”

While commending NASCO for its patriotism and resilience in the state, the governor urged all citizens and, indeed, other business organizations to continue to be good Ambassadors of Plateau State; Andrew should avoid carelessly de-marketing the State on account of one minor unpleasant incidence. 

“When we go to the social media and elsewhere to spread exaggerated or fake news that create fear and anxiety in the heart of prospective investors, it discourages them from coming to do business in the State,” he warned.

“We are glad that NASCO resisted this temptation over the years and, today, they are the leading manufacturing company not only in Plateau State but in the entire country,” Lalong retorted.

He also reiterated that the government has in the past seven years demonstrated its belief in skill-based empowerment that stimulates entrepreneurship and human capital development. “That is why they have spared no effort in strengthening agencies such as the PLASMIDA to teach entrepreneurship and skills to our youths so as to reduce unemployment and crime on our streets.

“We have also partnered with the ITF to ensure that more people are captured and given a new lease of life. The Rescue Administration has also embarked on reinvigorating moribund Technical and Vocational Schools and building new ones. We believe that, if we must make progress, we must give our children education that goes beyond paper qualification. 

“In closing, I would like to convey my appreciation to the leadership of NASCO for the excellent work they have done over the years, especially in the area of employment and tax contributions to the state. As you are all aware, Plateau State is not yet a highly industrialized State,” the governor stated. 

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