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Why we endorsed Barr. Nyesom Wike earlier – Diaspora Support

…Worries over country’s international image. 

by Achadu Gabriel, Kaduna

Group, under the guise of ‘The Diaspora Support’ (TDS), has revealed the rationale for its endorsement of the Rivers State Governor, Barrister Nyesom Wike, in the beginning.

The group said Wike was earlier endorsed by them, following unfolding events in the country, particularly on the political scene regarding the forthcoming People’s Democratic Party (PDP) primaries and the implications of its conduct to the current security and socioeconomic situations in Nigeria.

TDS, in a statement on Thursday by its convener, Hon. Yunana Shibkau and three others, explained that it operated with secretariat at the United Kingdom and other liaison across the world. 

“Unfolding, events in the nation, particularly on the political scene regarding the forthcoming People’s Democratic Party primaries and the implications of its conduct to the security and socioeconomic situations in Nigeria today, prompted our responses and the inputs to ensure the best for the peace, progress and prosperity of Nigeria.

“Our organization, ‘The Diaspora Support,’ is an international lobby group and nongovernmental organization established with the objective of promoting national unity, peace, development and credible leadership across the world.

“We operate with secretariat at the United Kingdom and other liaison across the world. While we have other nationals, the majority of the group is of Nigerian origin and, thus, has focal representatives in Nigeria. 

“In a bid to fulfill the objectives and goals of our organization, we have several credible local and international organizations, which we work or collaborate with, and such collaborations have been very rewarding and fruitful. 

“In few days to come, the opposition party, PDP, will conduct their presidential primaries in Abuja; this exercise will lead to the emergence of the presidential flag-bearer of the party. Consequently, many presidential aspirants are vigorously jostling for the coveted presidential candidacy of the party.

“Much as we are not perturbed by the numerous numbers of the aspirants, we are assured that the delegate will see reason to allow for power shift to the south through the representation of Barr Nyesom Wike.

“Today, regrettably so, Nigeria has continued to be inundated with series of challenges that threaten the very existence of the nation to its foundation. Such challenges include, but not limited to, insecurity, banditry, farmer-herders conflicts, kidnapping for ransom, cultism, corruption, poverty, illiteracy, climatic destruction and several others.

“The longer the challenges are allowed to fester, the worse it will be for the nation and all her attempts at growth and renewal and addressing insecurity and economic downturn in the nation.

“The more the challenges are not addressed, the higher the debilitating effects it will have on our international image as a nation and the potency of her global diplomatic engagement and the consequential reciprocal respects; hence the needs and the urgency to address it. 

“Thus, the present precarious state of the nation calls for a tough measure to address it and make life more meaningful to the entire citizens. It takes a man that is visionary and courageous. 

“It takes the person and presidency of His Excellency, Bar Ezebunwo Wike, to truly take Nigeria to the land of promise. Our national politic must evolve to the point of getting the best for the nation. The party primaries must be free enough to allow all candidates fight for the ticket – using their track record of service generated over the years.

“We call on all party delegates to be patriotic and fair enough to enthrone a new era in our nation’s history, through a right and patriotic choices and the future, which Nyesom Wike represents.

“We urge all delegates to consider his uncommon courage, patriotism and track records of supports and financial donation to every part of Nigeria in their time of distress and need. 

“Bar Nyesom Wike has on several occasions demonstrated the fact the he, indeed, is a nationalist and true Nigerian, who not only knows and relates with every part of the country but connects with every level to the point of engagement for the betterment of our nation. 

His presidency will end the present hopelessness and very precarious state of Nigeria. He will end insecurity, banditry, insurgence, poverty, impunity, inflation, mutual distrust and the sliding of our dear country to a failed state.

“We again review the state of the nation back home in Nigeria, with respect to security, development, economy and the 2023 general elections (after our last general meetings few months ago), with a view to working to ensure the emergence of a credible leadership that will reposition Nigeria for desired growth and greatness. 

“We noted with regrets how the country has rapidly declined in standard of living, occasioned by galloping inflations that had deepened the poverty of the people and multiplied their miseries in the process.

“These remains the key ingredients that stoke the fires of multidimensional conflicts and propensity for religious and ideological extremism that goes a long way to undermine development.

“This, thus, informed the need to elect capable leaders, who can make a difference in leadership delivery for the betterment of the people. We finally endorsed Nyesom Wike after series of meetings and consultation because he has, and continues to demonstrate, good governance in Rivers State. 

“He delivers the dividends of democracy to his people and he will do the same, if elected as the President of Nigeria. He is patriotic, detribalized, and courageous to the extent of fight for justice and equity for all Nigerians.

“We pledge to work and mobilize for the realization of a president that is in tandem   with the aspiration of a better and greater Nigeria, in tandem with the mission of other patriotic Nigerians at home and in the Diaspora.

“To catalyze the global community and other relevant stakeholders towards supporting all viable solutions that will help Nigeria to address the myriads of challenges facing the nation and to truly provide robust case studies of your credible leadership interventions for emulations.

“We call on all Nigerians to speedily reach out to, and influence all, the delegates to realize the enormity of the situation in the country and support Nyesom Wike for the renewal and betterment of our dear country. 

“The nation is at its most trying time; yet, travailing to give birth to a new dawn that will herald a new era of progress and prosperity for all Nigerians. We call on all stakeholders of the PDP to allow for free, fair, credible, transparent presidential primaries of the party that will lead to the emergence of a widely acceptable candidates that every member of the party will be proud of and wholeheartedly support.

We call on all stakeholders to assiduously work to ensure the transparency of the whole process, as we urge the electoral umpires to ensure the credibility of the forthcoming presidential primaries of the PDP.

“We, therefore, urge all delegates to toe the line of national aspirations and use their voting power to reflect the deepest desires of all Nigerians now,” it stated.

Other signatories of the TDS include: Yunana Shibkau, Hon Osamudiamen Aghedo, Head Strategy and International Mobilization, Osamudiamen Aghedo, Prince Madiba Ibrahim Lapinni, Head, Nigeria’s Strategy and Mobilization.

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