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NAMCON inaugurates Kaduna Chapter to boost agriculture

by Achadu Gabriel, Kaduna

In an effort to boost economic activity of Nigeria, the National Agricultural Mechanization Cooperative Society of Nigeria (NAMCON) has inaugurated new executives to champion the activities of Kaduna State Chapter of the association.

National President of the association, Comrade Aliyu Muhammad Waziri, the Santurakin Tudun Wada Kaduna, who revealed why they established NAMCOM in Nigeria, said they have many projects, including “NAMCS Super Five,” “empowering the people,” “poverty alleviation” and “supporting the economic sustainability plan of the Federal Government.”

“The rest are number Nigerian Mechanized Agro Extension Service Scheme; the second is Women Nurturing Empowerment Scheme Birds for Wealth; the third is Home Grown Skills Acquisition and Nigerian Agricultural Market Space and Online Dedicated to Buying and Selling of Nigerian Agro Produce, and the No.5 is Affordable Housing Scheme for Farmers in the Rural Areas.

Aliyu Muhammad Waziri further explained that, they are coming with so many programmes jointly with three Federal Government ministries, including that of agriculture and rural development, ministry of commerce, ministry of communication and digital economy under Shaikh Pantami, all with an intention to move Nigerian economy to the next level for the benefit of all.

“We are also working with some Federal Government parastatals like NAFDAC and those responsible for taking Nigerian Products to the rest of the world for market and sales,” the Santuraki said.

“Our intention is to take the young graduates out of the streets for job creation, because every year we are having young graduates without anything doing, and no government can provide job for everyone.

“To promote the culture of consuming what we produce and producing what we can consume in the country”, Santuraki explain, adding thus: “We established this NAMCON with an intention to reduce poverty amongst the society with hope that each and every one is going to benefit from the programme.

“We are going to boost the economy of the country. The single reason that, some students are graduates from various schools but there is no jobs. So, with NAMCON programme, all are going to be self relian,” Aliyu Waziri said.

In his remark, the Kaduna State chairman of NAMCON, Sanusi Abdullahi Abubakar, revealed that with the help and hardworking, Kaduna State is ahead of others. 

Sanusi told the gathering of men and women from all the 23 local governments of Kaduna State that there are so many issues that their programmes are going to manage for the country to move forward.

“The idea of creating NAMCON started from Kaduna. Now, God willing, Kaduna State is now ahead and we are ever ready to assist the country,” Sanusi Abdullahi revealed.

The representative of Commissioner of Agriculture, Kaduna State, Abdullahi Aliyu Musa, said Kaduna State Government is always ready to partner with an association like NAMCON to boost agriculture and other businesses, stressing that, “We have many programmes on how to use agriculture for business and also on livestock production.”

The vice president of NAMCON, Abdulkadir Muhammad (from Kogi State), was not left out as the one in-charge with all the presentations of letters of appointment for those with the leadership responsibility.

Present at the event were zonal coordinators in Kaduna State, namely: Balarabe Abdullahi (Kaduna Zone 1); Ebel Dan Juma (Kd Zone 2) and Zakka Bako (Kd Zone 3).

They also inaugurated Kaduna State Executives under the leadership of Sanusi Abdullahi Abubakar, and thereafter held a question-and-answer session for participants to ask or say out their views.

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