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How Terrorists Brutally Shot, Killed 2 in Southern Kaduna

by Achadu Gabriel, Kaduna

Wanton shooting and killings of two innocent people like animals have again been reported in Angwanpa, in Ikulu Chiefdom’s part of Southern Kaduna in Kaduna State of Nigeria.

The source (who pleaded anonymity) to our correspondent, revealed that: “My cousin at home, Angwanpa, in Ikulu Chiefdom, Kaduna State, Nebuta Bauna, who was killed by Fulani herdsmen, has been buried. But between the period of his death and burial more people in the area have been killed. 

“The most heinous and barbaric killing in this area by the Fulani happened a few months ago. Two young men riding on a motorcycle, from Ungwan Koska near Boto Ikulu – the rider, an Ibo, was shot in the stomach and his intestines gushed out by the force of the shot. His partner, an Ikulu, escaped into the bush, but he was pursued and captured; and an AK 47 was pushed into his mouth, the assailant pulled the trigger and blew up his head.”

“According to them, “The deaths so far were young energetic men going about looking for their daily bread. None had premonitions that death was so near. My people and the people of Southern Kaduna and the Middle-Belt cannot come to terms with this wanton destruction of lives.

“We cannot forget, and it will never become the past. Unfortunately, the leaders, who have sworn to protect the people are politicians with all the characteristics of popular APC Politicians, divisiveness, bad breeding and vulgar manners,” the source stated.

Contacted, the Kaduna Police Command’s spokesman, Mohammed Jalige, could not respond until the time of filing this report.

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