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NewsWatch Publisher joins Plateau Gubernatorial Race

by Christiana Gokyo, Jos

The Publisher of NewsWatch magazine in Plateau State, Chief Amos Yaduksu Gizo, has formerly declared his intention as a Gubernatorial Aspirant under the All Progressives Congress (APC) party.

Declaring his intention on Monday, Chief Gizo said his aspiration is “premised on a 3Rs pillar that will usher-in a new dawn of hope for the People of Plateau State, which are: to redefine, reconstruct and restore the lost glory of the state.”

He observed that, “The dream, the inspiration, the vision and mission of our founding fathers have been eroded by a lot of factors that have grossly destroyed our collective heritage, where we no longer trust one another.

“We, as a people, must redefine our common destiny as to what we want and the resolve to live together as one indivisible people under God, to be our brother’s keepers as envisaged by our founding fathers. Only then can progress come to all the facets of our society,” he said.

“The security challenges we are currently facing are caused by our human errors, which our leaders seem to neglect. Plateau State used to be the bride of other states, and Jos was rated 3rd after Kano and Kaduna in the North.

“We must be able to moderate our faith and tolerate one another, in order to build a strong and virile state for the good of all. It is our responsibility to protect our people, as any government that fails to provide security for its citizens has no legitimacy to be in power,” he stated.

According to him, the 3Rs will put them on the right path and will help them to restore the state to its hitherto glorious position, “if we all resolve to redefine it.”

We can only redefine it, if we all agree to be one people – forgetting where we come from, our tribe, religions and social status but making a collective will to live as one,” he noted.

“Our tourism potential must be exploited, and agriculture must be encouraged, in order to build a strong food supply system to our people, as the world over is facing the disaster of food shortages. Our divide line must be put aside, as peace is needed in the reconstruction of the state. Once that is done, businesses and other infrastructural developments will take place,” he stated.

The Guber Aspirant was optimistic that, their government will concentrate on securing the citizens and developing tourism, laying sound healthcare delivery system, mechanized agricultural system, rural development, access roads network, water supply and electricity.

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