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Deputy Governor Sonni Tyoden joins Plateau 2023 Guber Race

by Christiana Gokyo, Jos

The Deputy Governor Plateau State, Sonni Tyoden, has declared his s intention to contest for the forthcoming general election in 2023, in Plateau State.

During the declaration in Jos on Thursday at the All Progressives Congress (APC) party Secretariat in Jos, Sonni Tyoden said he believes strongly that he has a great deal to contribute to the development of the State, given his experience in the “enterprise of governance” for nearly seven years now. 

He stated that he has been a passionate and uncompromising co-driver of the Rescue Administration ably led by Rt. Hon. Simon Bako Lalong, the Executive Governor of Plateau State, and Chairman, Northern Governors’ Forum (NGF). 

The Deputy Governor stressed thus: “I can proudly declare that the Rescue Administration under the leadership of Rt. Hon. Simon Bako Lalong has redefined governance in the state, and this explains the significant progress in the socio-economic and political development recorded in the State,” adding that, his aspiration is partly motivated by the burning desire to sustain and, possibly expand, the frontiers of the legacies of the Rescue Administration in the State. 

The Deputy Governor further explained that, “It is common knowledge that Plateau State is a microcosm of the larger Nigerian society in the sense that, it is characterized by the same social pluralism such as ethnic, religious, cultural and linguistic diversity.” 

According to him, “Governing a state that is as diverse as Plateau State requires one with good sense of tact, strategic and critical thinking to build robust social cohesion and harmony among the diverse social elements as a necessary precondition for sound and effective governance. 

“This is what the Rescue Administration has successfully done, and I hope to improve on it to bring about seamless unity and harmony among the diverse groups in the State,” Tyoden noted, adding that, “Once we have been able to overcome the challenge of unity and integration in the State, the foundation for good governance that will make citizens radiate with happiness and contentment is laid. 

“This will eliminate all sources of social frictions that have conspired to slow down the pace of development of the State,” he said, adding that, his over 40 years of public service experience has adequately equipped and prepared him for the arduous task of governing the State.

Sonni Tyoden posited that, “Most of my working life has been in the university system where I rose to become the Vice-Chancellor of the prestigious University of Jos, between 2006 and 2011. I came on board at the time the University community was deeply polarised along different tendencies and had nearly crippled the administration of the University.”

The Deputy Governor stated further that, through systemic, critical and strategic thinking, he was able to unite the diverse interests in the University and to give every group a sense of inclusion and belonging in the mainstream affairs of the University. 

“With all sense of humility, I can say, so far, I have been the most celebrated Vice-Chancellor of the University. I could not have done this alone but I provided strategic leadership towards this end. This same experience can be used to build the State that is socially cohesive, politically stable, economically prosperous and culturally integrated,” he said. 

Mr. Tyoden said, Plateau State has come a long way in the trajectories of development. The people have seen the good, the bad and ugly; the Rescue Administration that he had been part of, since 2015, has been a sensitive, caring and responsive administration driven by the values of integrity, transparency, accountability, trust, and rule of law conscious. 

“These ethical principles underwrite our administration,” he noted, and assured to remain faithful to them to drive governance under his leadership. “Accordingly, we will run an all-inclusive government that reflects the social diversity of the state,” he said. 

According to Tyoden, “Youth, women and persons living with disability will be accorded the highest consideration in the composition of government. This is to afford them two groups the much-desired opportunity to contribute to the governance of the state,” he said, adding, “The State has always been known for its progressive orientation, and this will be improved upon to give these special groups audible voice in the enterprise of governance.”

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