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180 farmers take part in 2021 Anchor Borrower programs – MAAN Boss

…Says, “Maize sales sufficiency guarantee now, prices dropping.”

…As 21 maize pyramids unveiled.

by Achadu Gabriel, Kaduna

The President of ‘Maize Association of Nigeria’ (MAAN), Alhaji Bello Abubakar Annur, has said a total of 180,000 people participated in the 2021 Federal Government and Central Bank of Nigeria’s policy on agriculture, titled: ‘Anchor Borrower programs.’

Alhaji Abubakar Annur made the remarks in an interview with newsmen during the unveiling ceremony of 21 maize pyramids held on Thursday, in Kaduna State.

He said “This is not the first pyramid under the maize association. It’s the second one. The first one was held in Katsina State last year. This year’s own is done in Kaduna State being the leading state in the maize production this season.

“The number of farmers that participated in this year’s Anchor Borrower program is 180,000 farmers, for the last year 2021 season. According to Anchor Borrower policy, after the harvest, we start receiving the payment from the farmers. And the expected total number of tons or bags that we are supposed to get from them is about 1.25 million bags of hundred kg for the total repayment.

“But we have started receiving the payment from January, which will last up to June. So, we are still aggregating. After the unveiling of this pyramid, we are going to distribute all the maize that’s here to the maize millers and maize processors,” he said.

According to him, the association is going to uptake and pay directly to the bank on behalf of the farmers. “Even now, there’s sale sufficiency of the maize in Nigeria because the total number of tons of maize needed from the maize millers in Nigeria is about 16 million tons, while the other ones for the domestic use and the other maize processing company is only 4 million tons.

“So, as at last year, we produced 20 million tons, which means, we have now satisfied the demands of all maize millers and other human consumption. So, with these ones that you are seeing here, even now, the impact of these pyramids has yielded very good results, because by the time we gave raised the pyramids, the price of maize has fallen down because before then, price of maize per hundred kg was about N23,000 to N25,000 per 100kg.

“But when we started this pyramids, other grain merchants that were hoarding maize started bringing it out because they know that once we release this one to maize millers, the price will crash down.

“While the other maize millers are not going to the market to buy, they are waiting for this one to buy from us. So now, the price has come down. So, the other people who are less-privileged, are buying maize now for N19,000 to N20,000, meaning that, somewhere the price is coming down now,” the MAAN president stated.  

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