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APC’s Sunday Biggs to contest for Plateau Governorship Seat in 2023

by Christiana Gokyo, Jos

One of the All Progressives Congress (APC) Governorship Aspirants, Mr. Sunday Garba Biggs, has formerly declared his intention to contest for the Governorship Seat, come 2023.

Mr. Sunday Garba Biggs revealed that he is an indigene of Mangu local government area of Plateau State, and was born into a very humble family in Panyam District of the state. “While growing up, and all through my career in the Civil Service, my plan was to build a better life for myself, my family and all those around me. Thus, my lifelong ambition is to contribute to the growth and development of Plateau State,” he said.

“I must confess at this point, that, politics was never part of the plan; and this is because people like me, who have spent a better part of their time working as technocrats, tend to avoid partisan politics and may hardly run for public office,” he noted. 

According to Mr Biggs, “However, in the course of my 24 years working in the state civil service, I have watched closely the worst and the best of leadership in our dear state and I have seen more than enough to understand that, if I want a better Plateau, then it is not enough to merely wish for it, but to get involved in politics, by offering myself to be voted into a public office with a view to improve the socio-economic well-being of our people. 

“For this reason, after seeking the face of God, the Almighty, and having carried out extensive consultations with family and friends, elders of our party and other key stakeholders, I have come today to inform the state executives of our great party about my decision to secure the gubernatorial ticket of the APC with a view to run for the Office of Governor of Plateau State, in 2023. 

“As you can see from the crowd that came to witness and identify with my aspiration, the Bigg Things Coming movement represents an idea whose time has come,” he noted.

He said, from their villages to the metropolitan centres, they hear and pay attention to the voices of the people and also feel the pulse of their heart beat.

“Indeed, the driving force behind this growing movement is a resolve and determination of our people to come together with a unity of purpose and with a view to reposition Plateau State on the path of greatness,” he remarked. 

Mr Biggs stated that, “The Bigg Things Coming to our State is focused on enhanced peace and security, agricultural development, solid minerals development and mining, social service delivery and critical infrastructure.

“To achieve these broad policy objectives, I pledge to work together to unify the people and inculcate a new spirit and a new resolve hinged on our shared history and common humanity and rebuild safer, secure and healthier communities across our state,” he said.

The Guber Aspirant said, to “Grow our economy by investing heavily in agriculture, mining and critical infrastructure, reinvigorate the Plateau State Civil Service for efficient and improved service delivery, complete all uncompleted projects by past administrations and, especially those that have relevance to our growth and development as a people; form and sustain working partnerships with communities – civil, religious and all community-based organizations – NGOs and the private sector to benefit the state.”

He promised to “spare no effort in stamping out corruption and all forms of nepotism and malfeasance in our system and, from Day-One, appoint honest individuals with both personal and professional competencies to drive the governance process, and will rebuild the trust of the people in government by raising a new generation of leaders that are competent and adequately prepared to rise up to the challenges of the 21st Century. 

“The idea is to establish a dynamic Government Of Action that will pursue the growth and development of our dear state with doggedness, determination and conviction. Redefining the governance framework also means the ability to set targets with clear timelines, while ensuring that anticipated deliverables are met,” the aspirant stated. 

While calling on all brothers and sisters, who are also contesting for this same position – both from within and outside the party, Mr Biggs urged them to understand that “This is more of a family affair and, as such, there is absolutely no need for bitterness or rancor of any sort.

“I have called on my supporters not to insult anyone or indulge in any act capable of smearing the reputation of any candidate in furtherance of our cause. Bigg Things Coming is about the Plateau Agenda, and this we must pursue with decorum and a measure of decency for the Good of the State and to the Glory of God,” he said.

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