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Untold hardship, as fuel scarcity worsens in Kaduna

…Citizens abandoned to their faith.

by Achadu Gabriel, Kaduna

There’s no doubt that poverty and hardship among the citizenry in Kaduna State are at its climax, following the severity of fuel scarcity rocking the state, coupled simultaneously with the surge in terrorist activities.

While residents are confronted with increase in transportation on daily basis arising from long queues due to fuel scarcity, the news about terrorists’ activities continue to pose serious barriers, limiting people’s horizon and areas of hustling for families’ daily needs.

In spite of the challenges, the “black market” racketeering business continues to thrive tremendously and feely all over the streets with nothing being done to salvage the sorry situation it brought to bear on the suffering Nigerian populace in the state.

Some residents, who shared their bitterness, confessed that the only sordid thing left undone by them for now is stealing to feed their families due to the hardship.

Individuals, mostly women, have continued to embark on rigorous trekking for miles and hours under hot sun for buying and selling, most times backing a baby, and looking for ways to put foods on their table at the end of the day.

Prostitutes, calls girls (or ‘street ladies’) are rippled in every street, every corner and night joints to fend for themselves and dependants, adding up to the already increased insecurity, crime and criminality.

Within two weeks’ interval, bomb explosion and planting of explosive devices resumed and confirmed in places like hotel and large gathering by the Nigeria Police Force.

According to people of foresights and wisdom, who spoke to our reporter, “This is in addition to eminent dangers and ticking time-bomb.”

In the midst of these tense situations, innocent people are being kidnapped and killed around Kaduna State and its environs, thereby causing scare. Prices of food stuffs and provisions have skyrocketed steadily, and are far beyond the reach of average Nigerians.

Young and vibrant youths with privileged information about alleged ‘Ukraine recruitment of Nigerians’ for war in Russian is being shared as a cherished option worthy of investing in it.

Their consolations around the discussions are that, ‘there’s virtually no difference between being in the warfront in Ukraine – with hope – than being in Nigeria, given the unsecured security situation ravaging the nation with Boko Haram, bandits, terrorism waging war on the country’s citizenry.’

Just last two nights alone, terrorists killed two persons, kidnapped four others, including a Rev Father in Kudendan, a Kaduna satellite town. Five other persons, who were sighted on their way back after the attack, were reportedly shot dead and wasted by the terrorist group when they could not found anything worthy on them to collect.

Worst of all is the increased hard time brought about by alleged “cultural dimension” and “traditional lifestyles” of an average northerner who, as widely speculated, don’t believe in saving for the rainy day or tomorrow, as it had always been said, owing to the syndrome and adage (a Biblical injunction?) that, “tomorrow will take care of itself.”

Accordingly, an average poor, however, believes in the usual characteristics and faith that, “The Lord shall provide,” which many Nigerians (men and women) are known for, as people who are known of ‘suffering and smiling.’

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