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Unknown gunmen attack Metro Times journalist on duty in Anambra

…His car vandalized.

by Achadu Gabriel, Kaduna

A Metro Times journalist, based in Anambra, Solomon Musa, has been violently attacked by unknown gunmen in Isu Aniocha Local Government Area of the State.

Musa was attacked on February 5, when on his way went to deliver a documentary tape in the community.

Narrating his ordeal, Musa said the hoodlums appeared from different directions with weapons and started shooting in the air. One of them placed a pistol on his forehead, then began beating him up.

One of the hoodlums seized his phone and shattered it on the flour, then confiscated all his media equipment.

His vehicle was also vandalized by the gunmen, as he pleaded with them not to kill him and informed them that he came to the area for a documentary. 

The gunmen seized his Mac Laptop, Apple HP Laptop, wrist watch, international passports, National ID Card, car battery, Designer Eye Glasses, Canon Camera 6D Mac II, Bank ATM cards,  one thousand US dollar note, Driver License as well as other documents.

Mr Musa, however, luckily survived the attack (with injuries), and was rushed to the hospital for treatment.

However, when the incident was reported to Anambra State Police Command, Mr Tochukwu Ikenga, the Police Public Relations Officer, told Metro Times that they were “in-charge of the situation.”

Meanwhile, 48 hours after the incident, when the Youth Chairman in the area was contacted, he facilitated and took Metro Times reporter to the hideout of the unknown gunmen to plead on his behalf.

He later helped him to recover his Mac Laptop, Apple HP Laptop, HP Laptop, a NOTE Dropout Computer Tablet, Vivo Android phone, Student ID Card, Bank ATM cards and a Business Card.

The Nigerian Army, led by Captain Philip Onibon, also later helped the reporter in the recovery of his Toyota Corolla 2007 from the attack scene. 

Metro Times, therefore, condemned this callous violation of press freedom mated out by unknown gun men against its reporter, while carrying out his legitimate duty of information dissemination in Anambra State.

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