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PDP embarks on “Operation Wind Down APC in Plateau State”

by Christiana Gokyo, Jos

As the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) commenced its mass movement, tagged, ‘Operation Wind Down APC in Plateau State,’ in its preparation to “save, rebuild, and reunite Plateau State,” come 2023, it has began to receive more critical APC figures from Langtang North local government .

PDP’S State Chairman, Hon. Christopher Adukuchili Hassan, exclaimed that, “The leadership of the Plateau State Chapter of the People’s Democratic Party, today, received first batch of APC leaders and critical stakeholders from across Langtang North Local Government Area into its fold.”

The All Progressives Congress (APC) party delegation, which comprised of very seasoned Constituency, Ward and community leaders in the party were coordinated and led to the PDP Langtang Mega Rally 2022 by Chief Latep Dabang, aka “Masquerade,” and the leader of the delegation, Hon Chief Nanpon Tom. 

The  group, which also included leaders such as the ‘Political Bokoharam’ Binkur Binkur, Hon Nanchang Ndiwur, aka “Indoss,” and several others, who all expressed their total delight in making the all-important decision to cross over to the PDP, a party that represents light. 

They were full of praises for the State leadership of the party, Hon Chris Adukuchili Hassan, for his efforts and commitment towards reconciling party members and also for welcoming new members into the party, and commended him for showcasing great leadership quality.

Speaking at the rallying point, the State Chairman, Hon. Christopher Adukuchili Hassan, applauded members of the group for taking the bold step to return back to the PDP, which he described as the “mother political party” in the state.

The chairman also called on those, who are still in APC, to “return home,” giving assurance that the party will always welcome such persons with open arms. 

He stressed that “There is nothing like ‘new’ and ‘old’ members in our party. Every party member is free to contest for any elective position of his/her choice from this day; and advised members of the party to join hands and work for the success of the PDP in the forthcoming elections. 

“No doubt, your coming will add great value into the work that is already being done by the PDP in Langtang and at the State level,” he noted, and charged the new entrants to remain loyal, steadfast and contribute their ideas and quota towards repositioning the PDP in the state.

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