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Give more attention to women in politics – WOPIN tells Media Practitioners

by Achadu Gabriel, Kaduna

Media practitioners have been called upon to give more attention to women in politics, to take part in leadership roles, saying, “Women are strategically in position to pursue peace and meaningful developments.”

This observation was made during an annual public lecture organized by Women for Peace in Nigeria (WOPIN), Kaduna State chapter, supported by ‘Mabic Foundation for Peace Mediation of Nigeria’ and two others.

In the lecture, titled, ‘The Role of The Media in Nation Building,’ guest speakers and media expert, Hassan Ibrahim and an NGO guru, Agada Simon, collectively said women deserved to be encouraged by media to be involved in elective positions in the country’s democratic space.

According to the guests’ lecturers, “The 2023 democratic dispensation is going to be more of youths and women-friendly and, therefore, encourage them to actively participate in the elections and believing that their votes would count.”

They explained that, “Where a man has worked effortlessly for years to bring about peace and security, a woman would perform miracles without much stress because of their nature and closeness to youths and children.”

Also titled, ‘Women as Veritable Tools for Peace and Conflicts Management: The Media Perspective,’ a guests lecturer stressed that “The media occupied a vantage position in promoting activities as a medium of information dissemination.”

Earlier in her remakes, WOPIN’s State Coordinator, Mrs Grace Magaji, expressed joy for the establishment of WOPIN by Dr. Maryam Andullahi, adding thus: “As the name implies, WOPIN is set up with the purpose of supporting and encouraging women to inculcate the attitude of peace in people from childhood.”

She said the grooming of children, from ward to the national leveln by the body has been helpful with guidance and supports provided, adding, “We are gender-sensitive, despite our name, but women are first, as they are at the thick of the storm.

“Our major objectives, just to mention but few, are: to foster unity among Nigerians across the divides, create a sense of purpose through love, tolerance and peaceful coexistence among diverse interests, cultures, tribes and religions.

“The organization also serves as a link in partnering with government and non-governmental agencies to ensure development and peaceful coexistence, by supporting government initiatives for sustainable developments in our social lives, among others,” she said.

According her, they also thanked all Nigerians, specific CSOs, NGOs and Government of Kaduna State for their supports, and called for more synergy on peace building efforts.

“Secondly, we are here to interact, or discuss, the role of public mouth piece on issues of peace building and how we can build synergy to create an atmosphere of lasting peace in Kaduna and Nigeria at large,” she said, stressing that “Peace brings development without which there could be no developments.”

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