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El-Rufai’s Policies And The Dangers Ahead For Kaduna State – Gen Gora Albehu

…Gives example of the proposed 4-day working week.

by Achadu Gabriel, Kaduna

Gen Gora Albehu (rtd)

There is hardly any government policy formulation or programmes without criticism from people, good or bad, most especially in countries like Nigeria. A number of factors could be attributed for the cause of this criticism, ranging from personal distrust.

Indeed, every policy has its own advantages as well as its ugly side, not matter how beautifully planned or organized to suit the people or the policy makers. What’s paramount, however, is the general impact of the policy on the target audience in terms of its benefits, directly or indirectly.

In Kaduna State of Nigeria, the situation is quite peculiar but slightly different. These differences may not be unconnected with lack of trust arising from tribal, ethnic and, perhaps, religious variations.

In the case of Kaduna State Governor, Malam Nasir El-Rufai’s 4-day working week of Monday to Thursday in Kaduna State, the policy has not only attracted wild criticism but also leads to an assault on his personality by a large number of people, both old and young, rich and poor.

Recently, General Gora Albehu (retired) did not spare El-Rufai over the policy when he described the governor’s attempt to justify his actions for introducing the policy as dubious and fraudulent. 

General Albehu’s statement, titled, ‘El-Rufai’s Policies And Dangers Ahead for Kaduna State,’ stated that “Whoever did listen to El-Rufai’s dubious attempt at justifying the introduction of the 4 day working week – Monday to Thursday – for Kaduna State surely should have been able to pick holes in the fraudulent explanation.

“For a truth, listening to El-Rufai trying to justify his decree on the 4 -day working week may have seen a school teacher speaking to school children and not a governor addressing citizens of a State. 

“For all his presumed intellect, El-Rufai ought to know that he was not addressing a herd of cows but humans, many of who are much more intellectually endowed than he is.

“In an earlier post, I asked the question as to which direction and/or destination El-Rufai is leading Kaduna State. Not long after I had posted that article than the scales began to fall from my eyes such that I could see where the people of Kaduna State, like a herd of cows, are being driven – which is down the abyss.

“This journey will not achieve anything worthwhile, as there is no honesty or a sense of purpose in it. It does appear that he is confused as to which way to go between the rough way back to a medieval Islamic State and a 21st Century modern State.

“Back in his university days in ABU, El-Rufai is said to have had a history of religious bigotry and that he was central to many a religious riot for which ABU became infamous. Stories have it that his depth of bigotry and fanaticism may have informed the title of ‘Malam,’ which he grafted to his name.

“At the time he was an undergraduate, his conduct then may have justified the title of Malam, but much water has passed under the bridge and things have changed, for surely his conduct and behaviour do not give the image of a true Muslim except that he has been playing to the gallery for purely political ends.

“Since his becoming Governor of Kaduna State, he has sought to upturn virtually every institution he met on the ground. He has been behaving as if he is more Muslim than the other Muslims in town and is completely insensitive to the feelings of non-Muslims.

“Recall that during the course of his campaigning for his first-term as governor back in 2015, he very carefully concealed his hate for non-Muslims and so attracted their votes. But as soon as became governor, he bared his fangs and began to reveal his true picture as a religious bigot. 

“In seeking the second term, he deployed religion as the major theme of the campaign and that is why the Muslim-Muslim ticket came about. Without a doubt, the Muslim-Muslim ticket clearly aimed at spiting Christians in their faces. Our people are largely not really bothered with the Muslim-Muslim arrangement so long as there is inclusiveness in the governance arrangement in the State.

“El-Rufai may have been seeing himself as a 21st Century Muslim Knight in shining armour as he embarked on yet another dubious and needless arrangement to recreate the Traditional Institutions mainly in the Southern Kaduna part of the State.

“He arranged a committee to undertake the review of the Chiefdoms again, mostly in Southern Kaduna, with a view to coining another nomenclature for them. Part of the recommendations included the changing the title of ‘Sa Gbagi’ to ‘Etsu Chukun.’

“In others such as the Atyap Chiefdom, the recommendation was that the title of the Chief was to be ‘Agwam Atangjeh’ as against the ‘Agwatyap.’  For the Bajju nation, it was to be ‘Sarkin Zonkwa’ as against the ‘Agwam Bajju.’

“He sought to balkanize the Adara Chiefdom by creating a Bantustan (Kajuru Emirate) from out of the Adara nation. Similarly, he may not have aborted the dubious plan to create another Bantustan (Zango Emirate) from out of Atyapland.

“He does this simply as part of a broader initiative to plant Fulani leaders in areas that clearly belong to the other ethnic nationalities – simply the same dubious strategy Usman Dan Fofio used to take over the whole of Hausaland.

“Tragically, El-Rufai is doing this during a democracy. He must know that this nonsense has no way, if standing the taste of time.

“Since becoming Governor of Kaduna, the State has had to trudge under his limbs to finding her position, if any, in the scheme of things in this doddering Behemoth called Nigeria. 

“El-Rufai has had the same mindset and mentality with the leadership of the Islamic State, which sought to recreate a Caliphate in Iraq and the Greater Middle East. Kaduna State became the guinea pig or, if you will, the convenient laboratory for conducting research and experiments on how to Fulanize or Islamize Nigeria, starting from Kaduna State.

“If El-Rufai’s credentials as a Muslim were to be placed on a scale, you can bet that he will not weigh much on account of the hellish condition he has put the people of Kaduna State. El-Rufai, like Buhari, has made sure he is surrounded by a circle of Muslim friends, who are the technicians in the laboratory mentioned supra.

“Any Christian still surviving under the atrocious El-Rufai dictatorship must now know that they are living on borrowed time. The recently decreed 4-day working week as well as the 4 days for all public schools in the State is efforts at Islamizing every institution within the State.

“What makes the dictator think that all these atrocious policies will not in the very near future be declared null-and-void by a future and more democratic as well as compassionate government remains a thing to ponder over.

“Whilst the nauseous idea of the ‘Islamic State’ may have faded from the radar screens in Iraq Syria and elsewhere, the likes of Malam Nasiru El-Rufai are desperately trying to revive it in a multi-ethnic, multi-religious country as Nigeria.  Surely, even if it was a viable proposition, to think of an Islamic State in Nigeria would have meant a retreat into the Dark Ages.

“El Rufai’s governance style has all but wrecked the lives of very many, thus bringing them to utter ruin. El-Rufai may not have read much of History as a subject but even if he did, he either failed to understand it as a REFERENCE point or has deliberately refused to apply it. 

“Anybody, who fails to learn from the lessons of History, is most likely to either disregard them or fail to apply them. The Doctrine of Compensation put forward by Ralph Emerson Waldo, in 1814, is instructive enough in this short essay.

“The substance of Emerson’s thesis is that, nemesis is as certain as night begets day, that all unjust accumulation of wealth, power and privileges by a person, ethnic group, nation State, continent, race, religious group are not entirely tax-free. In other words, that certain terms and conditions apply to such vices as rapacious greed, exploitation and oppression.

“Even, if Emerson had not bothered himself, every rational mind must know that Nature balances itself wherever, and whenever there is an infraction, there will be a price to be paid, and this is as sure as sunshine.

“Our people have prayed many a prayer (both Christians and Muslims) for the Creator to intervene somehow to stop this calamitous dictatorship in Kaduna State, but thus far there is no respite. God the Creator has his timetable for dealing with issues and situations but as humans, we are largely impatient as we look up for quick fixes.

“This is not the Creator’s way of doing business. Therefore, we must not relent in our prayers and cry to Him and Him alone. “Summarizing the doctrine of compensation as in the case of El-Rufai’s misgovernance, there is a toll to be paid for all the pains caused the people and electorate of Kaduna State when the time comes, and we will not have to wait for too long. To God Be The Glory.”

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