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Most Boreholes in Kaduna are Sheet Water – KADSWAC reveals

…Sensitizes about 50 water sector women.

…Says, 4.5b have no safe water worldwide.

by Achadu Gabriel, Kaduna

Experts in the water sector in Kaduna State have revealed that most water boreholes operating and consuming in Kaduna State are mixed-up with sheet water from suk-aways due to proximity of residents.

The revelation was made on Monday during a ‘One-day Roundtable on Gender in Water Sector’ and ‘Sensitization Forum on Equal Aqua Framework’ for about 50 female staff of the water sector.

Organized by Kaduna State Water Corporation (KAdSWAC), Managing Director of the Corporation, Comrade Sanusi Maikudi, said the essence of the sensitization forum, among other things, was to encourage women participation in water sector development.

Research, according to him, has shown that women are the custodian of water and always fetched it from well, strain, taps and other sources of water, which also informed the essence of the sensitization.

According to Comrade Maikudi, water is so essential to life, but its supply is limited, adding that no living things in the world could exist without using water, be it plant or animal.

While revealing that 9.75 percent water supply in the whole world is either contaminated or polluted and not fresh, Comrade Maikudi said only 2.5 percent water is fresh for human consumption and satisfaction, as 4.5 billion don’t have safely managed water in the world.

He also noted that the number of women participation and management in water sector in the whole world is negligible, despite their importance and intelligence, saying, “No woman has been made Managing Director in management of water sector.”

“All over the world, the story is the same that, women have been marginalized in the management of water sector and resources,” adding that anything that would be of barrier for the progress of women in water sector work place be removed.

“Women should wake up and open up and be knowledgeable. If women play their roles effectively, the society would be better,” the MD said, and enjoined women to open up on anything that would stand their way to become management staffs working in water sectors.

Earlier in her opening remarks, a participant, Mrs. Patience Gimba, said the whole core essence of the one-day Round Table on Gender in Water Sector is how to overcome gender-related issues hindering women in water sector work place.

Also speaking on Conquering Gender-Based Violence, another participant, Fatima Abdullahi, said KAdSWAC brought the women together on the table to achieve participation in water sector (Equel Aquq).

She said there are about three sexual violence referral centres in Kaduna State hospitals for any woman to report their cases of abuse by either their bosses in offices without disclosing their identity.

Mrs Doris D of an NGO, ‘Woman in Water Sector,’ said women are supposed to be traditional custodians of water and change agents, who should clean up any environment they found themselves, including water source.

She also stated that as women, who work in places that save lifes, shame should not hinder them from reporting cases of abuse when necessary.

KAdSWAC also revealed that the State Government has completed plans to ensure that until a license is obtained from the regulatory body, people will not be allowed to drill boreholes anymore anyhow. 

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