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B/GWARI KADUNA – where terrorists now operate freely on daily basis

…“On Sunday kidnapped 36; dozens on Monday,” Insider raises alarm.

…Terrorists demand N1m for each victim, torchlight, foodstuffs.

by Achadu Gabriel, Kaduna

Terrorists have reportedly declared war on innocent citizens of Birinin Gwari local government area of Kaduna State, according to latest reports from victims’ relations and families.

Only between Sunday and Monday, uncountable numbers of people have been abducted by the terrorists from the area known as Jangari Bagoma community.

While 36 were kidnapped on Sunday morning, the numbers of those kidnapped on Monday morning as they were in their farms are yet to be ascertained or identified.

Speaking to our correspondent on phone on Monday, the community volunteer, who pleaded anonymity, lamented that victims of the kidnapping incident – mostly women and children – had become a daily occurrence in their LG.

According to the resident source, who is so dependable and leaves together with a man whose two wives and four children were among the kidnapped victims, explained that the terrorists abducted and raped their children and wives freely on daily basis, unchallenged.

He said “Jangari Bagoma community is about 2-3 Kilometers from B/Gwari Town. The numbers of those kidnapped today, Monday, in the area around 10-11am are yet to be known. They were picked up, while in their farms; a very big farmland where more than 1000 people are having their farms there. Those who escaped are the ones to inform us. 

“They are demanding for N1 million for each victim. They kidnapped 2 of my neighbor’s wives and 4 of his children, making six. I’m standing with him as I speak to you,” he said.

He also said that “They also demanded for torchlight and foodstuffs from him for the one of today’s kidnapping this morning, for his family to bring for them in the bush.

According to him, there are military and other security formations in Birnin Gwari but had always said they are “waiting for directives from the top” for them to take action.

“We have security formations – Air Force, Military, MOPOL, Police and Vigilantes. Unfortunately, we the community cannot force them to go and work by all means. They are always saying they’re “waiting for directives from the top,” even though they’re here in town and heard everything happening. 

“In the night, for instance, the Air Force has an alarm machine. When bandits or B/Haram or any criminals are entering the town, they’ll know, when the alarm is shouting, but will not go and attack them, even now that bandits have been declared terrorists,” he said. 

He further said that “Even when they have been declared terrorists, the security would be waiting for directives from the top. We met State Government officials with our issues; that this is the situation we’re in. They even complained to us that whatever the security people want, they provide it for them.

“But yet, they’re always telling them this and that. That is what they’re telling us at the local government level too, that, they’re supporting the security but can’t force them or tell them to go and fight with bandits. 

“They will tell you they’re waiting for intelligence report; this or that. That’s where we’re having serious problem with Federal Government. Our people used to call Internal Security and Home Affairs commissioner, Mr Samuel Aruwan, and explain to him. So, I don’t know the relationship between them.

“Security issue is difficult, and money plays a vital role. Instead of protecting lives and properties of people, they are always talking about money, money and money,” he said.

He also said “Even though, security has confronted them before on this farm area, but nobody went there to try to recover the victims anymore.

“I’m nearer to the person they kidnapped six of his family members. The bandits asked him to bring six million for the 6 people. Today’s own happened around 10-11am.

“Let me give you information about B/Gwari-Kaduna Road. It’s now a death trap, dangerous way. The story of today is all over B/Gwari Town. On daily basis people are being kidnapped.

“I left Kaduna yesterday. Now I’m at B/Gwari. If you pass Kudawa, there is a town called Udawa, where we’ve military formation. There, you have one Armoured Tank, Hilux security used in escorting more than 50-60 vehicles to Buruku the deadly area of the road.

“Sometimes the bandits come out, divert vehicles and attack the security, kidnap and kill some. These things happen almost on daily basis. It’s a federal highway to B/Gwari, Niger and other states.

“They have already rustled all their cattle in B/Gwari West. They pay to the bandits up to N100 million to farm, and yet don’t allow the people to do farming with kidnapping. 

“Government has all the news but did nothing much. We keep praying as our last hope. Nobody is following the Funtua Road because it’s about 100km between B/Gawri and Katsina. There are so many kidnappings taken place there on the road, maltreating and raping their women and children. There is also B/Haram in some parts of B/Gwari, too,” he lamented.

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