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Jos North LGC confirms 9 Supervisory Councilors into Office

by Christiana Gokyo, Jos

The Legislative Arm of Jos North Local Government Council has been screened and has confirmed all 9 Supervisory Councillors forwarded to it by the Council Chairman, Shehu Bala Usman.

The confirmation is sequel to a letter by the Executive Chairman of Jos North Local Government Council, Shehu Bala Usman, requesting the Legislative Arm to screen the supervisory Councillors-nominee.

The Lawmakers moved a motion by the Majority Leader of the House and Councillor representing Ibrahim Katsina Ward, Jibrin Lawan, seeking for House to go into the committee of the whole to screen the Supervisory Councillors-nominee and was seconded by the Deputy Majority Leader and Councilor representing Jenta Adamu Ward, David Odo.

During the screening session, which lasted for over five hours, the Lawmakers subjected the nominees to a question and answer session pertaining security across Jos North, Jos North Primary Educational Systems, Healthcare Services, as well as Youth and Women Empowerment, among others. 

The Leader of the Legislative Arm, Yakubu Atsen, commenced the confirmation process by calling out the nominees and putting the questions to vote.

They thereafter reverted to plenary to conclude the confirmation process, which the Lawmakers unanimously agreed and passed.

All the Nine nominees were subsequently confirmed as Supervisory Councillors of Jos North Local Government Council.

The Supervisory Councillors-nominee were: Ezekiel Shina Agada, Arin John Voda, Silas Ibrahim, Christopher Nnajifor, Nathaniel Dare, Abdullahi Yero, Anthony Bako, Margaret Zabwo and Lawal Ishaq.

The Legislative Arm of Jos North Local Government Council had earlier approved the addition of two Supervisory Councillors requested by the Executive Arm of the Local Government, for administrative convenience, which raises the number from seven to nine.

The Legislative Arm Leader, Yakubu Atsen, appreciated the patience and sacrifice of members for been thorough in scrutinizing the nominees as Supervisory Councillors and assured of the Legislative Arm’s total support in the success of the Shehu Usman-led administration of the Local Government.

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