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Kaduna Bizman Threatens Action Against Vision FM owner over N71m Debt

by Achadu Gabriel, Kaduna

A Kaduna-based businessman-cum Chairman, Chief Executive Officer, CEO, of Dialogue Group, Dialogue Global Links Ltd, Dr Muhammad Mahdi Shehu, has threatened to take action against Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of a private Radio Station, Vision FM, Umar Farok, over N71,700,000.00 debt owned him.

Dr. Mahdi explained that the Vision FM Radio Station owner, Umar Farok, is over-exploiting his magnanimity and patience over the debt that has dragged on for more than 45 months.

In a document signed and made available to our correspondent, Dr Mahdi stated that he sold his property, located at Farm Center in Kano State, at the considerable rate of N275,000,000.00 since May, 2017.

In the statement, dated 27th March, 2021, Dr Mahdi lamented that between June 2017 and 2020, Farok made staggered payments totally N194 million, with the last payment of N2 million in May, 2020.

The Chairman of Dialogue Group, in letters addressed to the Vision FM CEO stated that he gave Farok full physical possession of the property in question and all the equipment as well as the property original title documents.

According to Mahdi, he is aware that the property has been put into full commercial usage by Farok and earning some revenue out of it, saying the gesture was his display of rare magnanimity, patience and brotherhood “all in good faith.”

“This is in allowing you to occupy one of my properties in Kaduna where you operate your Kaduna Radio Station free-of-charge of any payment burden. It’s in view of all the above loud and many other salient reasons that I am writing to request that you make an immediate arrangement to pay the balance of the over N71 million on or before 7 April, 2021.

“In the unlikely that I do not receive full payment of the amount (as in 9 above) I’ll be left with no option but to take further steps as necessary to recover the said balance,” Mahdi threatened.

The duo have been best of friends until recently when the Vision FM Radio Station in Katsina became a platform where people loyal to the State Government used it to defame the character of Dr Muhammad Mahdi Shehu and his family, according to him.

Dr. Mahdi said Farok denied him or his supporters same opportunity to use the same platform to react to alleged malicious statements against him by people he described as miscreants using gutter language to paint him red, black and Malou, adding, “I have evidence.”

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