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Kaduna Deaf, Dumb Husband and Wife’s shops demolished 3rd time cries for help

by Achadu Gabriel, Kaduna

A graduate Deaf and Dumb with bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering, from Federal University of Technology Minna, Niger State, Surfi Abubakar, has cried out for support from Kaduna State Government after demolishing his shops three times.

Mr. Surfi Abubakar, a deaf and dumb under-graduate, whose two wives are also deaf and dumb, embraced creativity and self-employment instead of being a street beggar.

Fielding questions from Kaduna-based journalists, the mentally impaired strongly appealed to Governor Nasiru el-Rufai to come to his rescue, crying that he has two wives that are equally deaf and dumb with many children. 

He said this is the third time they demolished his shop at different spots without any compensation or given any other place as alternative for him to continue his business.

According to the young man, who is also a computer specialist, he prefers to do his shop business rather than depending on anyone to help him.

When asked, Abubakar replied that “Yes, it’s my third time to experience this kind of demolition in Kaduna State, since when I decided to create my own business for myself without depending on anyone to help me.

“The first one was located inside People’s Recreational Centre, along Independence Way. The second one is at Kaduna State University, opposite Al-mannar Masjig; then the third one is at Kigo Road Kaduna,” he said.

On how he is coping-up now, working in an open place without roof, and operating business on the street, he said, “Normally, when you fall down, you will need more energy and courage to get up; so as this place seems open and the weather is unfriendly and bad, I have no choice than to withstand it for the time being.

“Yes, I am married with two wives and have two children. I am also catering for my younger brothers and sisters as well and my old parents that are at home. Both of my wives are dumb. In fact, one of them that just got out of my shop before you came in is my first wife and the second one is equally at home with my other families.

“I am a graduate with bachelor’s degree in technology. I studied electrical engineering from Federal University of Technology Minna. As I have been into this business of ICT, I want the government to create an enabling environment that my business can improve.

“I have gotten used to suffering in search of job, when I can create job for myself and employ others. I like it and government should just empower me and provide the means for me; that’s all.

“Of course, I would like the government to find another place for me, so as to ease the situation I’m facing now in terms of operating in a middle of cold, rain, breeze and other environmental factors. I would love it. I wish the government have a listening ear and sympathy for the less-privileged persons in the state,” he stated.

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