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Amnesty: Where I disagree with Sheikh Gumi – Rev. Joseph Hayap

by Achadu Gabriel, Kaduna

“If Sheikh Dr. Mahmud Gumi went to bush to preach to bandits to repent and become good Muslims, to God be the glory,” Church leader-cum Chairman Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN), Kaduna state chapter, Rev. Joseph John Hayap, has said.

The CAN Chairman, who made the observation, while addressing his members during a special prayer against insecurity in Kaduna, also said he had no contrary view with the Sheikh on his mission to the bush to talk to bandits until he started asking for amnesty for them.

He said “l have never had contrary view with him when Gumi went to talk with them, but I started disagreeing with him when he started talking of amnesty.

“If Gumi wants to go the bush, farm and forest and preach to them to repent and become good Muslims, to God be the glory. They’ve not yet repented; you are talking about amnesty for them.

“You are saying they are militants and not bandits. Let’s understand – are you preaching or you are changing the title?; because Gumi knows, I’m not a gossip Pastor.

“The day I saw the video, I sent the video back to him and asked him to confirm whether it’s true or false. I’m happy that he didn’t lie; he sent it back to me and explained to me how it all happened.

“But, whether he started changing their nomenclature or not, I told him, ‘Oga, this one we’ll not agree,’ ” he stated.

The CAN chairman maintained that, “A criminal is a criminal, and should be called a criminal with his name.”

Rev. Hayap also quoted from the Book of Romans 13:1-5. According to Hayap, he has no reason to be afraid of governing authority as long as he did not commit evil.

“If you do evil, you’ll fear governing authority. I’m not doing any evil, so, I’m not afraid of talking to governing authority.

“Since they are doing evil, that’s why they are running from government. So, government should go after them and pursue them until they are brought to book or change,” he said, as he prayed against bad leadership and handed them over to God.

The chairman also quoted (from scripture) 2nd Kings 7: vs 3, adding that keeping quiet will never bring solution: “Whether you speak out or not, you must die. If we cannot talk and sit here and keep quiet, we’ll die,” he said, while also quoting (from scripture) James 4: vs 17.

According to him, anyone, who knows what is right and refused to do it is guilty in the face of God.

“If you know how to protect yourself and refuse to do it, you are silly! When I said then that Christians should defend themselves, they said it’s felony and that I should be arrested and prosecuted. 

“Today, Defence Minister and others are saying the same thing – that, we are cowards. Honestly, we’ll wake up and may not see nobody,” he lamented.

On alleged N50 million ransoms demanded by bandits for abducted Redeemed Church evangelists working in the state, he expressed sadness, pointing out that the many parents of the abductees, who have been sacked from Civil Service, have not been paid anything by the Kaduna State Government. 

“How can they raise N50 million ransoms for the Redeemed Church members? If they have that amount, they could place advert for evangelism in Radio and TV, instead of travelling out of the metropolis.

“People are so intimidated and, now afraid to talk for fear of being arrested. If we continue to keep quiet, we’ll die,” he said.

He also noted that he received calls all through the night from same members, and wondered who will receive their calls, if he’s arrested for talking and not keeping quiet. Members, however, responded that it’s impossible to arrest him.

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