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Plateau State chapter of Miyetti Allah to collaborate with Govt for peace process

by Christiana Gokyo, Jos

Plateau State chapter of Miyetti Allah has called on its members to plan peace processes in collaboration with State Government, security agencies, community leaders, religious leaders, traditional leaders, civil societies and the media.

According to them, this will help in understanding the dynamics of crisis, insecurity and criminalities in the state, and, going through the process of resolving conflicts will expand people’s awareness and give them an insight into how they can achieve their goals without undermining others.

A communiqué was issued to our correspondent in Jos recently at the end of a sensitization program organized by MACBAN in Mangu People’s Home recently, and was signed by MACBAN chairmen of Bokkos local government area, Alh. Muhammad Gorte Kanam; Alh Sale M. Yero (Macchi), Kanke, Alh Abdurrahman Aliyu Mangu LGA, Alh Tumbadi Gage Pankshing LGA, Alh Ahmad Muhammad, financial Secretary MACBAN Plateau State, M.A. Bello and Chairman MACBAN Plateau State, M.A. Nuru.

The congress also adopted the establishment of a MACBAN unit of ‘Vigilante Group of Nigeria,’ which will work closely with the security agencies, especially in disseminating reliable information that will help to arrest nasty situations.

It also stated that, with the assistance of the Commissioner of Police from which a taskforce will be formed, the taskforce will comprise people of integrity; they will be engaged in professional training on community policing, and they will also be monitored by the police.

They also condemned in strong terms the destruction of farm produce and night grazing, stressing that such activities are being carried out by some “few disgruntled elements” among them.

The congress stressed that, “In the same vein, we are discouraging minors rearing, but should be accompanied with more mature ones;” and urged MACBAN in local governments to be supported so as to establish rearing camp leadership – that is, temporary cattle settlements.”

They also observed that, the attention of the state chairman had been drawn to more collaborative efforts to reconcile their community members towards re-uniting them to embrace peace and work together as a team, adding that, “This unity will foster love and respect for one another, and it will also give us a befitting cooperation among ourselves.”

The communiqué also observed that, there is a great increase in the sales of illicit drinks and hard drugs in the markets, saying, their youths have massively ventured into intoxicating themselves with it, which makes them to fall into different forms of criminal atrocities.

MACBAN also urged the chairman, secretary and the executive members to work with government and relevant agencies such as the police, the military, the DSS, the NDLEA so as to collaboratively work out modalities towards curbing and getting rid of the menace in the nation’s markets.

They also agreed and adopted a more cordial relationship and a strong working synergy with security agencies and government at all levels, saying, “It should be re-emphasized and re-strategized. This will help in achieving the desired goals and objectives.”

The communiqué further stated that, there has to be a deliberate community effort to address the problems of insecurity in criminalities, adding that, a Joint Community responsibility must be established among the Fulani leaders and other community leaders at the community levels with the support of the security agencies.

They said, “The sensitization program should continue even at the LGAs levels, and a training of trainers in a professional capacity should be organized for our leaders to be able to participate and be equipped with modern skills in facing the challenges. In this instance, many experts will be equipped with skills to handle the peace processes.”

The meeting also adopted effective and efficient local peace committees. The committees will be saddled with the responsibility of planning and strategizing enlightenment campaigns towards achieving sustainable peace and development in the state.

The committees will contain Islamic Scholars and Imams that will inspire their followers through Islamic teachings, adding that, this process is aimed at limiting the negative aspects of conflict, while increasing the positive aspects of it.

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