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Authentic reports reveal killings in 2 S/Kaduna villages on March 18th

…Youth Vanguard alleges 12 killed, 74 houses burnt, uncountable properties lost in 2 villages

by Achadu Gabriel, Kaduna

The leadership of Kauru Youth Vanguard has condemned in totality, the killings of its citizens in an attack by bandits and Fulani militia on the 18th March, 2021, saying it’ll be forced to take the bull by the horn, if immediate actions are not taken to forestall further attacks on lives of loved ones in the area.

A statement issued and signed by convener of the Youth Vanguard, Comr. Baye Augustine, stated that the ranging and increase of insecurity in Kauru LGA of Kaduna “is becoming worrisome as our lives and lives of our loved ones are in dare danger.”

The vanguard, therefore, called on the government and security personnel for immediate actions against bandits or be forced for reprisal action. “We call on government and security personnel for immediate actions against bandits; otherwise we will be forced to take the bull by the head,” it stated.

The statement, dated 20th March, 2021, also explained that leadership of the Youth Vanguard condemned in totality, “the killings of its citizens in an attack by bandits and Fulani militia on the 18th March 2021, saying that, “This is the Authentic Report of the attack on two villages in Kizachi Community of Chawai Chiefdom, KAURU LOCAL GOVERNMENT AREA OF KADUNA STATE, NIGERIA, ON THURSDAY, 18TH MARCH, 2021:

“KIZACHI DAWAI: At this village, the attackers killed the following citizens:

1. Mr. Joseph Samu Ibrahim

2. Aweki Ibrahim Achinge

3. Dije Ibrahim Achinge

4. Ghegye Adamu

5. Mr Yakubu Agi

6. Lami Ibrahim

7. Kururuwa Ali

8. Lami Peter

9. John Garba

10. Siman Bulus

11. Yohanna Livinus

12. Markus Giya.

“Also, in Kizachi, Dawai, the attackers burnt several houses and  rendered the following households homeless: 

1. Mr Dauda Bala

2. Mr Bala Chida 

3. Mr Joseph Samu Ibrahim

4. Mr. Bulus Galadima

5. Mr. Moses Adamu

6. Mr. Obadiah Galadima

7. Mr. Morris Adamu

8. Mr. Bala Maichibi

9. Mr. Philibus John

10. Mr. Bulus Ibrahim

11. Mr. Paul Musa

12. Mr. John Wani

13. Mr. Joel Ezekiel

14. Yakubu Bala

15. Mr. Ezekiel Garba

16. Mr. Musa Garba 

17. Mr. Yohana Alkali

18. Mr. Livinus Johanna

19. Mr. Jatau Abire 

20. Mr. Bulus Aachuang

21. Mr. Moses Matinja

22. Mr. Stephen Iliya

23. Mr. Danjuma Maichibi

24. Mr. Titus Yohana

25. Mr. Samaila Yohana

26. Mr. Simon Ibrahim

27. Mr.  Michael Wakili

28. Mr. John Wakili

29. Mr. Thomas Garba

30. Mr. Pius Tafarki

31. Catholic Mission House (Catechist’s Residence)

32. Mr. Yakubu Galadima

33. Mr. Yakubu Agi.

“KIZACHI KADANYA: In this village, the attackers burnt and carted away food and other valuable properties, leaving these households homeless:

1. Past. Timothy Adams

2. Mr. Tanko Adai

3. Mr. Mose Adai

4. Mr. Zakka Bitrus

5. Mr. Markus Bitrus

6. Mr. Danjuma Bitrus

7. Mr. Jacob Bulus

8. Mr. Markus Bulus

9. Mr. Iliya Adai

10. Mr. David Ishaya

11. Mr. Matthias Ishaya 

12. Mr. Ishaya Adai

13. Mr. Dauda Gado

14. Dagachi. Sunday Williams

15. Mr. John Williams

16. Mr. Musa Giwa

17. Mr. Sunday Bulus

18. Mr. Sunday Ibrahim

19. Mr. Joseph Ibrahim

20. Mr. Danlami Ibrahim

21. Mr. Philibus Andrew

22. Mr. Zakka Ibrahim

23. Mr. Andrew Agwa

24. Mr. Patrick Giwa

25. Mr. Philibus Andrew

26. Mr. Mr Andrew Agwa

27. Mr. Bulus Barau

28. Mr. Danlami Giwa

29. Mr. Zakka Joshua

30. Mr. Danladi Bulus

31. Mr. Adamu David

32. Mr. Emmanuel Wayas

33. Mr. Kassa Stephen

34. Mr. Ibrahim Stephen

35. Mr. Matthias Garba

36. Mr. Abas Garba

37. Mr. Danjuma Garba 

38. Mr. Thomas Alhaji

39. Mr. Danladi Patrick

40. Mr. Patrick Adamu, respectively.

“In summary, the death tolls are 12, burnt house 74, properties lost include grains, motorcycles, domestics animals, industrial mills processing machines and cash, among others.

The statement added that victims were since buried today, Friday, 19th March, 2021, in a mass burial held at Kizachi Dawai at 2:30pm.

“The burial was done by the villagers in amidst tears and fear of the unknown for lack of security presence at the mass grave.

“The injured are now receiving medical attention at undisclosed locations for security reasons.

“We pray God will repose the souls of the departed citizens and comfort the immediate family to accept this untimely end of our patriotic brothers. 

May God speedily heal the injured and restore to our land and the entire state and the country at large,” it stated.

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