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Oddity: Son drags father’s wife to court over Will, property in Kaduna

by Achadu Gabriel, Kaduna

A son and other children of a hotelier have dragged their father’s second wife to court in Kaduna over alleged “Inheritance Will” written in favour of the second wife.

The late father (name withheld) of the four children reportedly died shortly before Christmas, in the month of December, 2020, leaving behind a written Will ceding all his property to the second wife with exception of a flat in his village, which was but willed to one of his brothers.  

The deceased, according to the first wife’s family sources, allegedly willed all his property to the second wife, including a 3-storey hotel building and a mansion, located at Philolo Road, Ungwan Boro, in Sabon Tasha and Narayi Junction, Barnawa, respectively.

Investigation reliably gathered that, while nothing was willed to the first wife and her 4 children (some married), the hotel, known as Perfect Delight, and his residence in Barnawa were allegedly willed to the second wife, who reportedly had no issue for the late husband until date.

Sources revealed that, until his death, the deceased (a retiree of Water Resources Kaduna) was Gbagyi by tribe and a Christian as well as his first wife, while the second wife – who was childless – is of Muslim religion.

Sources, however, revealed that the marriage between the late deceased and first wife allegedly got broken a long time ago, with little or no “marriage” relationship between the duo till he died.

The children and first wife are said to have been living in a rented apartment all through, while the mother was working as a nurse in a hospital.

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