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Fulani youths meet in Kaduna; warn on looming breakdown of law, order

…Says, “Those killing Fulani don’t want peace.”

by Achadu Gabriel, Kaduna

Fulani youths, under the umbrella of ‘Ummiobe Sukabe Development Association of Nigeria’ (FUSADAN), on Monday addressed journalists in Kaduna at the instance of the Ondo State vacation notice, warming that those stereotyping Fulani tribes negatively do not want peace in Nigeria.

In an address by FUSADAN national president, Comrade Muhammad Ardo, he called on federal government, the international community, religious leaders, traditional rulers, NASS and security agencies to intervene “as a matter of urgency to prevent breakdown of law and order in the country.”

The body also said those, who envy the peaceful coexistence of the northern people, are those behind the menace, calling on those killing and destroying Fulanis and their properties to note that the Constitution allowed all law-abiding citizens the rights to live wherever they want.

While calling on Fulani youths to be calm and law abiding citizens, they appealed to the Federal Government to hasten up arrest of the perpetrators of the crimes against Fulanis, to prevent breakdown of law and order.

IIn view of the recent events in this country regarding the issue of Fulanis, especially in the southern part, we deem it fit to hold this event,” they said.

They expressed surprise about notice to Fulani and the recent alleged attack, maiming and properties burnt down, adding that many lives were lost, especially in Yorubaland where a leader of Fulani resident was burnt down to ashes and seven days’ ultimatum given them to vacate the land.

The body also expressed surprise that governors of southern part of the country were fully aware of the happening and the Ondo state governor, including security agencies and traditional rulers.

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