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Protest against Senator Uba Sani rocks Kaduna

by Achadu, Gabriel, Kaduna

Anti-Senator Uba Sani youth protesters have continued to hit-up Kaduna polity, following the Monday protest, in his Kawo constituency, which is second in the series in less than eight days.

A similar protest last week took place in the volatile area of Rigasa community in Kaduna suburb city centre with various placards and inscriptions all over the streets, by those he allegedly used and dumped.

Eye witness accounts said the Monday aggrieved protesters’ grouse against Uba Sani is that, the Senator representing Kaduna Central has gone oblivion since after his election.

Another allegation against him is that Uba Sani has never stood and presented, on the floor of Senate Chamber, the various insecurity challenges ravaging the state on regular basis, especially banditries, kidnappings, killings, abductions and attacks.

An insider said “Since he was elected, they have never seen him again. He never stands at floor of Senate chamber to talk about the insecurity in Kaduna. Banditry, kidnapping, killings are happening regularly. He never makes any project at his constituency or provides any support for his constituents. 

“All his offices across the local governments he represents remain closed since after election. He never allows his constituents to visit his office in Abuja, to enable them present their issues,” the protesters’ sources said.

They gave instances that Kaduna state government has demolished markets and business places without compensating those, who own shops legally.

Sources, however, told our correspondent that the speaker of Kaduna state House of Assembly, Rt Hon. Zailani, is behind the people protesting against Uba Sani because of their political differences.

The Speaker’s supporters have, however, drawn attentions to a viral video in social media where the state Assembly Speaker with other members critically criticized Senator Uba Sani for lying and making some frivolous allegations, which in turn instigated attacks on him by his House leader and some members.

“They alleged that the Speaker being involved in the fight against the Senator was as a result of a video on a social media where the Speaker with other members were criticizing the Senator for his lies and ineffectiveness in the Senate,” the source stated.

Efforts to reach out to the accused Senator Uba Sani proved abortive due to inability to reach him on phone all through.

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