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Group declares Hon. Lado Suleja for Niger state Guber 2023

by Achadu Gabriel, Kaduna

Group, under the auspices of ‘Niger Like-minds,’ yesterday lauded giant strides of Hon. Lado Suleja over what it described as “selfless representation,” urging him to vie for Niger State Guber race in 2023.

Hon. Lado Suleja, representing Suleja, Tafa, Gurara Federal Constituency is the House Committee Chairman on ICT in the Federal House of Representatives.

The group in a press statement signed by its national president, Comrade Hassan Aliyu Ahmadu, said “After series of consultations, research and deep meetings across Suleja, Tafa, Gurara, we decided to support Hon Suleja.

“We, the youth of Niger Liked-minds, have come to conclusion that it’s high time we give our support to who the cap fits and, who can take our dear state to the Promised Land,” he stated.

Ahmadu stressed that the reason for the trust in Hon. Lado is born out of his qualities of carrying the masses along and making the people of the state his first priority in his agenda.

“We, the great members of Niger Like-minds, have endorsed him, come 2023, for governorship, based on his dedication towards giving our youths scholarships to study abroad for better future,” the group added.

On people-oriented projects, the group revealed that “Lado has embarked on the provision of infrastructures in his constituency, giving hope to the needy, which has become his hubby. In the aspect of road construction, electricity, provision of boreholes and rehabilitation of schools, he is exceptional.

“We have come to a point where change is inevitable; change is now. Niger state must move forward and, with the records of Hon Lado Suleja, we have seen a better Niger state coming back to his historical name in all ramifications.”

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