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Make Nigeria Police a department under Nigeria Army to end bribe, abuses

by Achadu Gabriel, Kaduna

Nigerians of foresight have overwhelmingly supported suggestions to make Nigeria Police Force a department in the Nigeria Army, saying doing so will surely end the age-long bribery and corruption and human rights abuses among personnel of the Nigeria Police.

They also opined that, if police is made a department under Nigeria Army for at least 10 years, headed by Major as commissioner of police, the ills, indiscipline and unhealthy conduct among some police officers would reduce and be corrected.

These observations were made during conversation at the ongoing leadership development course training by some participants, mostly armed forces, paramilitary personnel and civilians at Martin Luther Agwai international leadership and peace keeping training centre, Jaji Kaduna.

In a chat orchestrated by the increased anti-SARS nationwide protest by Nigerian youths, an army officer and victim, who acknowledged the police excesses, said indiscipline  and lack of effective prosecution were largely responsible the atrocities.

“Their commanders are reluctant in effecting necessary punishment against offenders and corrupt police officers as demanded.”

They also cited countries where such changes were done and how their problems were solved. 

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