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ZAMAN TARE Celebrates World Day Of Peace With Mararaban-Rido Community

by Juliana K. Tauna, Kaduna

In its bid to promote peace and also mark the World International Day of Peace in Kaduna, the ‘Zaman Tare’ project, supported by Catholic Caritas of Nigeria, organized an Arts Exhibition/Celebration with Peace Stakeholders in Mararaban-Rido, Chikun local government of Kaduna state.

Speaking during the celebration, Field Officer of ZAMAN TARE Project, Mr Innocent Okechukwu Madukwu, stressed on the need for sustainable peace and tolerance in the every community in the state.

He explained that, for the purpose of celebrating this year’s International World Day of Peace, they have earmarked eight strategic communities in Kaduna to visit and strengthen the message of peace and tolerance needed to bring about the desired growth and development in communities and the state.

Also speaking during the event, Village Head of Mararaban-Rido, Chief Joel Adamu, thanked the organizers for giving them the opportunity to come and understand what is meant by peace.

Chief Adamu noted that, since his community started participating in the programme, the people of the area have been able to understand their neighbours better, because they are supposed to live together in peace with one another.

“We have to be our brothers’ keepers. I want to say, as the Chief of this area, anywhere you are, whosoever you meet is your brother, is your sister; and we have to live together as one. As Nigerians, we need to live together in peace,” he reiterated.

Similarly, the supervisory councilor of health for Chikun local government, Hon Shadrach David Hassan, stated that, “The ‘Zaman Tare’ project supports and advocates for peaceful coexistence. The council is also stakeholders and are into it by supporting the project, because it is only through peace that sustainable socio-economic growth and development can be achieved.

“So, we are telling the citizens, people of Mararaban Rido, the people of Chikun local government and Kaduna state that, let them embrace peace; let’s see ourselves as one; let’s keep away sentiments, let’s keep our differences because we were created by the same Creator, and that is the only way we can have achievable peace and development we are striving for in our community,” he stressed.

Similarly, the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) Zonal Chairman, Pastor Philemon Sambo, pointed out that the project has been able to unite the people together – youths from different religions and ethnic groups – and urged the people to unite and live together peacefully.

“As CAN, I want to tell us that we can put our hands together and have a peaceful community where we can live and work together peacefully and have a peaceful atmosphere of worship together,” Pastor Sambo said.

He however called on the organizers to do more by improving in bringing people together on the issue of unity, most especially in times like this that the state and the nation need people to come together and be united, to break the yoke of division that is among the people today.

On her part, the women leader, Mrs Juliana Emmanuel, called for unity, saying, “My message here today is for us to unite and live together, to love each other so that our community will be planned and grow into prosperity.” 

In the same vein, the youth leader, Mr Emmanuel Audu Bature, called on the youth, women and elders to embrace peace to have growth and development in the community, especially now that the ‘Zaman Tare’ Project is championing living together, stressing that “nothing is achievable without peace.”

He maintained that, “If we keep up having crises, it will take us back, because what governments are supposed to use to bring development will be diverted into rebuilding what we have damaged.”

Highlights of the 2020 World Day of Peace celebration include: an Arts Exhibition by Miss Asham Joshua, musical and drama displays and lots more.

The ‘Zaman Tare’ project, which had the theme, ‘Shaping Peace Together,’ is funded by the European Union (EU), in partnership with Catholic Agency for Overseas Development (CAFOD) and Dialogue, Reconciliation and Peace Centre.

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