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Petrol, Electricity Hike: Northern bizman urges Nigerians to “wake up from slumber”

by Achadu Gabriel, Kaduna

A public analyst-cum Katsina born northern business mogul, Mallam Mahdi Shehu, has called on Nigerians to wake up from their deep slumber.

He made the clarion call in a reaction against the hike in petroleum pump and electricity tariff in the country under the current regime.

He said Nigerians should wake up from deep slumber, lamenting that the country has been short-changed, author piloted, taken for granted and invested where it ought to have not, and reaping nothing.

The public analyst, who made the remarks as a guest in a radio programme in Kaduna on Friday, said “Nigerians should, therefore, think, act, behave wisely and do their home work before electing their leader(s) that will abandon them after getting power at every level of governance; “betray you, take you for granted and still want to instill fear into you because people, who betray, destroy and brake all the promises don’t want to take questions because they can’t answer them.”

He expressed surprise that the reasons given for the increment in petrol pump price were predicted on unknown variable, unknown economic policies and unknown basis.

According to him, the increment was not based on the above mentioned factors but merely on comparison with UK, Ruwanda and South Africa where petrol is sold above N300 per litre.

Shehu, who dismissed the government’s ‘reasons,’ noted that UK has good standard of living, compared to Nigeria, where nothing is working, describing the action as unreasonable.

She pointed out that, for instance, “In UK, education is free for child of a citizen. It would be unfair to compare the system where everything is working with a system like Nigeria where nothing is working.”

Ironically, he thanked President Buhari for the increase in petrol price, electricity tariff and other forms of taxes, saying it would make those, who have ‘slumbered,’ to wake up to their responsibilities of voting future leaders, based on sentiments of tribe or religion.

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