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Christian, Muslim Clerics Strategize Against Foodstuff Price Hike In North

by Achadu Gabriel, Kaduna

Worried over the geometric rise in price of foodstuffs, the General Overseer of Christ Evangelical Intercessory Fellowship Ministry in Sabon Tasha, Kaduna State, Pastor Yohanna Buru, has appealed to businessman and middlemen to stop the habit of creating artificial scarcity and rise in cost of foodstuffs in the market, to enable the poor access food at affordable price.

According to him, clerics from both sides of the two major religions have mapped out plans to discourage deliberate increment in prices of commodities in northern Nigeria.

Pastor Buru, who made the call during a chat with journalists after visiting some local markets in the metropolis with a team of Muslims to access the situation, said Almighty God is angry with any marketer or seller that doubles the prices of goods just to take advantage of the Corona-virus pandemic situation.

While stressing that “such marketer will not enter paradise,” Buru also said, the widows and destitute are the worse hit as a result of rise of commodities in the market since the commencement of Covid-19 lockdown.

Buru lamented that, most orphans don’t eat three square meals due to the rise in foodstuffs in the market across the 36 states in the country, stressing that many marketers have today turned millionaires as a result of tripling the price of foodstuffs.

He recalled that, President Muhammadu Buhari expressed the concern of his administration about the sudden rise in food price at a time when the economy is already mired in a slowdown, occasioned by the global coronavirus situation.

Buru said, the daily increase of food price is becoming another big problem affecting lives of the citizens in the society, while calling on federal and state governments’ intervention on the situation, in order to bring some policies that would resurrect the good-old-days’ “Price Control.”

He note that, despite corona-virus pandemic, large numbers of Nigerian marketers are still taking the advantage of the season to double prices of goods and services in the market.

“Stop taking advantage of the pandemic seasons to make millions of naira through inflating prices of goods and services for your personal interest.

“God is angry with you, and such money won’t take you to anywhere. Remember, there is a day of judgment, as well as there is paradise and hell,” he said, adding that “God is angry with such marketers and, as such, there won’t be any God’s blessings from the money they make through such dirty gains.

“We have set up a group of clerics comprising 15 Pastors and 15 Imams for campaign and to visit unions of marketers and sellers in some parts of Northern Nigeria to talk to them in Islamic and Christianity approaches and the implication of tripling the price of foodstuff,” he said.

Responding, Mallam Gambo Abdullahi Barnawa Kaduna drew the attention of the middlemen to always remember the day of resurrection.

He said, “It’s really worrisome seeing rising price of food, commodities on daily basis in the region,” urging marketers to always fear God, “Allah.” 

A middleman (name withheld) debunked the impression that, they created the rise of food stuffs in the country, also adding that, they spend huge money to transport commodities from rural market to major cities.

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