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Wife Of Kaduna Governor Calls For Severe Punishment Against Perpetrators Of Rape

by Juliana K. Tauna, Kaduna

Hajiya Ummi El-Rufai

Wife of Kaduna state governor, Hajiya Ummi El-Rufai, has called for a severe punishment for the perpetrators of rape and other gender-based violent cases in the state.

She also called for a quick passage of the Penal Code Law, which scaled second reading in the floor of the House of Assembly last week, and seeks to amend Section 258 of the Principal Law, in order to make it more effective in protecting citizens of the state, most especially women and children against gender-based violence.

Ummi El-Rufai made the appeal when she paid a courtesy visit to the state Assembly seeking for a speedy passage of the amendment of the Penal Code Law.

“I find it very imperative to make an appeal to the Honorable House on the quick passage of the amended Penal Code so that we can have a very strict punishment regarding all matters related to rape and all other gender-based violence in Kaduna state.

“The Executive Governor has been supportive in effecting the amendment where we have different punishments varying from castration, death sentences and everything that is severe enough to deter intending and existing rapists from committing such offences in Kaduna state.

“A minimum of five rape and other gender-based violence cases take place in Kaduna daily, which is very alarming. Let us have the law standing so that perpetrators and intending perpetrators get scared by the harshness, as the punishment sends a clear message to them.

“With the quick passage of the bill, we hope that the rise in the number of cases per day will reduce drastically, because this harsh and severe punishment will deter perpetrators from committing such crimes,” she stated.

Responding, the speaker of the Kaduna state House of Assembly, Hon. Yusuf Zailani, said the state and the nation in general are in trouble because of the menace; hence the need to give the bill a quick passage.

Mrs Comfort Amwe, who is member representing Sanga Constituency, while contributing, said the House would give the bill a “very serious handy backing” by making the punishment very harsh so that the perpetrators and those, who are intending to, will see to it and run away.

“I am sure the committee will give us the best out of the amended report. I assure you, the bill will be passed by next week because the criminals need to be brought to book,” Amwe stated.

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