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Nasarawa deputy governor debunks rumours of probe against him

by Christiana Gokyo, Jos

Dr. Akabe

Following rumours peddling around Nasarawa State and social media that the deputy governor, Dr. Emmanuel Akabe, is under probe by the State House of Assembly to investigate his COVID-19 Committee in the State, the deputy governor has declared this as false.

Dr. Akabe expressed his disgust over the “news,” while retorting that, “It is funny. I approached the Speaker over the weekend – that the House Standing Committee on COVID-19 should be constituted, as we need to expand the activities of COVID-19.

The deputy governor vehemently debunked the media reports on the allegations. While speaking with newsmen in his office in Lafia, he said, “When I called the Speaker and the Speaker was even laughing and saying ‘whoever is behind the circulation of this false information is just spreading rumours’ as they never set up a committee to probe anybody, and that he has nothing to be probed anyway.”

According to him, “Everything is cleared, which I have addressed the press in the activities of the Task Force on COVID-19. I showed them how much money came and where it went to.

“There was misconception by those misinterpreting what the lawmakers did. I was the one, who asked the Speaker of the House to constitute a standing committee on COVID-19, because as it is now, no one can predict when this pandemic will end.”

He noted that, based on this, he called on the lawmakers and traditional rulers to constitute a COVID-19 committee to assist government in its quest to protect lives of citizens of the state from contacting the pandemic.

The deputy governor’s aim, according to him, “was that chairman of the standing committee and that of traditional rulers will be automatic members of the COVID-19 committee to ease our awareness campaign on the disease.”

Dr. Akabe further explained that their decision with the Speaker, Abdullahi Balarabe, on the matter was to have a standing House Committee of COVID-19, just like any other standing committee in the Assembly.

He explained to journalists on the activities of the Task Force and gave financial breakdown on the money allocated to the COVID-19 state committee.

“As a part of the main COVID-19 Task Force Committee, we have other subcommittees like security and palliative subcommittees,” Dr Akabe said.

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