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Extend ongoing onslaught against bandits to S/Kaduna, TYA tells security agencies

by Juliana K. Tauna, Kaduna

Following the continued killing in the southern part of Kaduna state, the state’s combined security agencies has been called upon to extend the ongoing onslaught against bandits in some states in the Northwest to the zone, and this should be treated as a matter of urgency.

The call was made by a body, known as the Tangwat Youth Association (TYA), in a statement signed by its president, Mr. Yali Bobai Bobby, saying that “Southern Kaduna must be protected, as nothing could be more heartrending to behold a situation where harmless individuals are targeted and murdered, while engaging in their normal endeavors – even while in their sleep, at the farms, and at a wedding receptions.

“How the marauders cherry-pick attack and execute this nefarious act, seamlessly, with swagger and without hindrance, beats our imagination and bruises the ego of those, who have sworn to protect lives and property.

“With COVID-19 pandemic lurking around, along with the challenge of security is a suicide note; but we don’t want to walk in fear, and, if the government wants us to believe that they also don’t wish that for us either, then it is time for them to prove that all lives matter,” it further stated.

“If we must find lasting peace in the zone, we must all dispassionately look at the drivers and triggers of this wanton killing with a genuine intention to addressing it,” it noted.

The youths group in the statement, however, urged the security personnel stationed at Southern Kaduna to enhance their relationship with the locals, which according to them, will encourage information sharing, and that the information should be taken seriously when shared.

The statement also urged the people in the zone to activate their belief in God the Omnipotent, because if He does not watch over the land, all that man does is in vain.

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