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Sarkin Yakin Bauchi Calls For Halt To Fulani/Farmers’ Clashes

by Christiana Gokyo, Jos

Sarkin Yakin Bauchi, Alhaji Lame

The District Head of Lame, Sarkin Yakin Bauchi, Alhaji Aliyu Yakubu Lame, has charged citizenry of Bauchi state to imbibe the spirit of Fear of Allah and to show justice to one another, thereby maintaining brotherhood, which requires being their brothers’ keepers.

The Sarkin Yakin Bauchi made this assertion, while speaking to newsmen in an interview. In addition, he also warned Bauchi people against unnecessary felling down of trees, and cautioned them to banish the (Fulani herdsmen/farmers) clashes in their domains. 

The District Head was speaking at his Gumau Palace on environmental degradation and illegal felling of trees, saying that, one of the major problems bedeviling the area was unnecessary felling down of trees, noting that it’s an act, which causes serious environmental hazards.

According to him, the act occurs with involvement of officials saddled with the responsibility of protecting the trees, urging the authorities to punish anybody found perpetrating the act.

He commended Governor Bala Abdulkadir Muhammad of Bauchi state as well as the Emir of Bauchi for taking bold steps, in order to address the problem of environmental degradation, indiscriminate felling of trees and their deteriorating effects on the environment.

Alhaji Aliyu Yakubu Lame noted that, such steps would help in protecting the environment and making it conducive for human habitation, agricultural practices and other socio-economic activities.

Speaking on the Fulani herders and farmers’ (frequent) clashes in the area, Alhaji Lame said his being close to his subjects was able to prevent likely disputes of such nature on daily basis, especially during rainy seasons, saying, “The effort was achieved with the support of all concerned parties in his domain.”

He stressed that, “With the help of Allah, presently I am about to settle one of the oldest disputes before the palace in my domain for 40 years, which is about an agreement going to be sealed between the aggrieved parties.”

He explained that he was able to resolve all the disputes brought to his attention through fostering brotherhood and understanding among aggrieved parties, who will at the long run, be happy and continue to live in harmony with one another.

The District Head was opined that, “Selfishness and greed are the major causes of disputes. One can only own a property, if he or she purchases it or someone gives it out or, if one inherits it from his or her parents. When we study the complaint, we will resolve it towards the way someone acquired the property.”

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