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How my hernia, appendicitis terminated without surgical operation – Widow

by Achadu Gabriel, Kaduna

A woman with swollen pubic suspected to be ripped hernia or appendicitis disease symptom, has revealed how it was terminated without any surgical operation in any hospital.

Mrs Regina Ambrose, a widow and resident of Byazin in Kubwa area of Abuja, FCT, who made the revelation to our correspondent, said that she got the cure drug from one man in Kaduna.

She expressed happiness that she got her cure after taking 30cl liquid content of the drug, morning and evening, for two days, based on the prescription.

She narrated, with delight, that a few days after haven taken the drug she began to feel relieved of the swollen pains, which later disappeared since over two years ago.

According to her, aside the laboratory examination or test carried out, swollen pubic had been traditionally understood and believed to be hernia or appendix, which requires only treatment by surgical operation as the only solution.

Contacted, the cure claimant, Prof Ayodele Adeleye, who is director of Yaromidcare, Laboratory Science and Research Centre Kaduna, confirmed the information.

The professor of microbiology and parasitology said the drug was part of an outcome of his research (during which he discovered some years ago) “that dries up hernia, appendicitis or similar illnesses and prevents people from physical surgery operation.” 

He explained that the maximum period for taking the drug is three days in terminating hernia and all forms of appendicitomy, fibroid and other diseases.

“This is aside research for cure of HIV AIDS, Ebola, Lassa fever and, most recently, COVID-19 pandemic. If appendicitis is untreated, it may rupture or burst open and cause very serious illness or even death,” Prof Adeleye stated.

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