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Forum urges FG to end rape through research

by Achadu Gabriel, Kaduna

Federal government of Nigeria has been advised to urgently deploy resources to end the rampant cases of rape through research, saying the trend is alien to the country and required social investigation or research.

Participants made the suggestion during the Monthly Forum with media on Peace Journalism organized by Interfaith Mediation Center, IMC, Kaduna, saying that lack of government’s proactive intervention to conflicts and killings is responsible for escalation and revenge attacks occurring all over the country.

The participants also noted that, inability to bring culprits to book to face the full wrath of the law by government, over the years, could manifest to circle of anarchy and widespread animosity, and lead to criminalities, insurgence and even terrorism. 

Participants at the forum, however, observed that most social media journalists in Nigeria are not abiding by the ethics and principles of the noble profession, as they indulge in publishing sensational news, which ended up in causing harm to members of the public.

They advised that practicing journalist in the country should always crosscheck their information and facts and be sure of the credibility of their source of news before going to the press so as to avoid causing more havoc in the society.

While they prayed God Almighty to judge any social media journalist, especially in Nigeria that publishes any news, which harms members of the public, they called on the mainstream media practicing journalists in Nigeria to always put the country first in their hearts when discharging their social responsibilities, as well as publish news of peaceful coexistence, so that Nigeria can forge ahead as an entity.

They also lamented the high level of rape cases in Nigeria and called on the authorities concerned to take positive action, in order to end the menace in Nigeria as a whole through research that would unravel the menace.

Participants stressed that there is urgent need for the practicing journalists in Nigeria to “dig deep” by conducting investigation into the causes of rape in Nigeria to determine whether or not ritualism and/or sex starvations are the major factor or reasons with a view to ascertain, whether governance and leadership are also responsible. 

The forum’s statement was coordinated by Pastor Dr. James Movel Wuye and Imam Dr. Muhammad Nurayn Ashafa, who are the Co-Executive Directors of the IMC, Kaduna State. 

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