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NDLEA raises alarm as drugs, substance abusers change tactics

by Achadu Gabriel, Kaduna

Nigerians into drugs and substance abuse have turned into local substance and concoction for use to satisfy and compliment imported ones.

This was discovered during the lockdown orchestrated by Covid-19 pandemic, the National Drugs Law Enforcement Agency, NDLEA, has revealed.

NDLEA Kaduna Command’s Deputy State Commander Admin and Logistics, Mr.  Uche Ike, made the revelation on Tuesday during a courtesy call by ‘Eye Opener Youths and Women Foundation’ in commemoration of the 2020 global drugs free day celebration coming up on 26th June.

The deputy commander said drug abusers changed the tactics of taken into the substance and concoction because of lack of the usual movement and access to imported drugs due to the Covid-19 lockdown.

Ike also noted that, it’s not possible for officers of the agency to be everywhere at the same time, and therefore advised parents, guardians and community leaders to look inward and help the agency in checking the abuse and use of concoction.

He also stated that the responsibility of curbing drug abuse is difficult and so enormous; adding that, no amount of money required from government would be enough to savage the country’s situation.

The deputy commander, therefore, commended the Eye Opener Foundation and expressed the determination of the agency to collaborate with it on the fight against drugs and substance abuse menace and called on other organizations to imbibe the gesture and support in the fight.

Earlier, President of the Eye Opener Women and Youth Foundation, Mrs. Margaret Julius, reiterated the commitment to her foundation to partner with NDLEA in its fight against drugs abuse amongst youth in the community.

She said “The foundation is set to reach out to youth, who are confused, rejected, hopeless, and destitute youth and women in the community, thereby creating awareness teaching and reformation, while empowerment training is given to them so that they can become better in the society,” she said.

She explained that one of their important programs is war against drugs abuse and dangerous smoking addiction.

According to her, “Our fight is against drugs, and we are determined to fight it in the community and to the victims against it by pulling them out, reforming and empowering them so that they can become what they are supposed to be in the community.

“Drugs abuse is an epidemic, which comes as an ‘helper’ that is never a helper and never solve any problem,” she noted. 

Mrs. Julius reiterated that, “Our fight is a good fight; thereby, helping the future leaders. It is important to study the life of the youth. According to research, 70 per cent of the youth life is not secured right from family setting. 

“Our work is to go to the root of the problems, and we are all ready to collaborate with likeminded people to get back the youth on the right part.”

She stressed that the NGO will continue to work to make Nigeria free of drug abuse, while calling on all Nigerians to put hands on deck on the fight against drugs abuse.

Mr Ike, who represented the state commander, Mohammed Abdullahi, said their interest has been in sanitization of the community in Nigeria as a whole to be drug-free.

“And we cannot be in all places at a time where all these things are happening; that’s why we are collaborating with all ministries, NGOs and community leaders and groups,” he said.

While calling on parents to watch out for their children, Mr Ike said that, they (the youths) have started devising another means of mixing up substance, which were not even abuse before during the lock down, because they couldn’t get to the ones they are used to within lockdown.

“As you interact with community, as family, try to find out some changes and fight them and tell them this will not make a good person in future, if they tow the way of abusing drugs.

He stressed that NDLEA welcomes collaboration from Eye Opener in trying to help in war against drugs abuse being a community-based group, which are closer to the people and knows more.

“The visit was to show sign of synergy through which we would be succeeding; we want to tell you that we can’t do it alone. Drug abuse is a serious matter that, if people are left unattended to, will create more dangers in the society,” Ike noted.

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