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As Kaduna trains Media Executives on Covid-19 sensitization, experts say “Smokers are more prone to pandemic”

by Achadu Gabriel, Kaduna

Kaduna state government on Monday organised training session ragged “Agenda for sensitization of media and civil society organization, CSOs, on Covid-19 response in the State, apparently due to increased in spread.

The one day sensitization session organized by the State ministry of health through the State task force on Covid-19 dwelled more on roles, ways and how to reports, avoid contacting and spreading Covid-19.

Mallan Usman, Dr.S.K Ahmadu and Mauzu Habibu and other resource persons who are medical personnels highlighted the high and low risk areas prone to contracting the infectious decease, and how to keep to social and physical distancing among other safety regulations. 

Media participants in separate training session, were sensitized on the  historical background of covid-19 said the viruses are in family, adding that Covid-19 is a diseases why SARS-2 is the name of the virus that cuases the disease. 

Supported by ‘Kaduna Lafiya: the UK supporting to health in Nigeria,’ the sensitization programme, with strict social distancing regulations, lists schools, markets, mosques, churches and other human crowded places as high risk areas. 

The media participants were reminded of the strategies and standard infection precaution practices for media workers in reporting Covid-19 update and to know the procedure for handling decease, from Covid-19, especially burial procedures.

They were also sensitized on the need to communicate the right messages of Covid-19 to the general public and know how to link services within the community, their social responsibility, as well as the need for media and CSOs to ensure accountability in the overall Covid-19 response, especially resources management, palliatives, patients care and communications.

The session also discussed the need for proper use of PPE and ideal hand-washing and to understand the modes of transmission and prevention of Covid-19, respectively.

The media, however, queried the rationale for reporting or communicating the right messages with unwillingness of the relevant government institutions to oblige them information, which became a source of serious debate. 

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