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Plateau grants pardon to 7 inmates

by Christiana Gokyo, Jos

Seven (7) inmates in Plateau State have been granted pardon for good conduct, with effect from different dates of sentences.

The Plateau State governor, Simon Lalong, announced this during his broadcast to mark the Democracy Day in Jos, after due consultation with the state Advisory Council on Prerogative of Mercy and the power conferred on him as the governor, in Section 212 of the Federal Republic of Nigeria constitution, 1999, as amended.

He appealed to citizens of the state to put the interest of peace and stability of the land above personal, religious and political sentiments, “as we mark the 21 years of the return to democratic governance.

“We have to build a society that promotes freedom, justice, tolerance and reconciliation. We have to bear in mind that we have a role to play in not only sustaining the democratic culture, but also standing up for good governance and politics that seeks to serve rather than be served,” he urged.

The governor urged those in positions of authority or the other to “serve with the fear of God and accountability to the people we serve, and we must work together in overcoming poverty, insecurity, religious fanaticism, ethnic bigotry, lawlessness, political rascality and corruption, which are the major threats to the democracy and national cohesion.

“Only when democracy translates into better living standards for the people and promotes human dignity that we shall claim to have achieved progress,” he stated.

The governor also assured the citizens of government commitment and determination to ensure that they leave behind a legacy of hope, prosperity and peace for the generation and the generations to come.

According to him, “At a time when we are contending with Coronavirus pandemic, there was the need for us to work together in forging ahead, in order to overcome all setbacks caused by the disease, particularly on the economy.

He called on all citizens to abide by the guidelines and take personal responsibility for their health, saying, “as experts have indicated that, we may have to live with the virus for a while.

“This is even more crucial as we have relaxed the lockdown and returned to normalcy.”

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