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Rape: Clerics, Interfaith Specialist Beg FG to use Holy Books to discipline rapists

by Juliana K. Tauna, Kaduna

States and the federal government of Nigeria have been called upon to start using Holy books (Bible and Qur’an) as a medium of punishing rapists that are killing innocent children and aged women through gang-rape, in order to save them from terrible trauma and psychological problems.

The general overseer of Christ Evangelical and Life Intervention Ministry, Kaduna, Pastor Yohanna Buru, made the call during an interview with journalists in Kaduna today, 8th June, 2020.

Pastor Buru was vehement that, “The cases of rape are on the rise in our society; we must change the strategy to save the future generation. There are biblical ways to handle the notorious activities of rapists; hence the need to apply them in the modern days.”

Buru stressed on the need for the use of biblical laws to punish any rapist that is fond of disturbing women and children.

According to him, “Both the Bible and Qur’an have a provision that explains clearly on how to discipline any criminal or rapist in the society.

“All the holy books contain the simple ways to address issues related to activities of rapists that are disturbing our children and women at home and other places.

“To end rape, perpetrators must be held accountable by prosecuting sexual violent cases. We recognize these acts as crimes and send a strong message of zero-tolerance,” he said.

Buru buttressed the fact that, “Rape-culture affects us all in many ways, regardless of gender identity, sexuality, economic status, race, religion or age. We must join hands to stop it.”

He further stressed the need to halt over-dependence on olden days’ laws and constitution that was created since the Nigeria’s Independence, but to go back to religious laws.

“The best option to end the notorious activities of all criminals and rapists is towards using the teaching of the Holy books in disciplining all kinds of criminals and rapists that are cheating and destroying the lives of women and children.

“Many young boys and girls, including minors, are victims of rape; and it usually takes place in a room where there are no witnesses and devoid of video-evidence that shows consent; hence the need for a religious action.”

The Christians clerics, however, begged the House of Assembly, states and federal government to start using holy books scriptures in punishing rapists.

Meanwhile, a Muslim preacher at Barnawa in Kaduna state, Malam Gambo Abdullahi, also pointed out that, “The holy Qur’an has a provision to tackle the act of rape. There are Islamic perspective ways to handle rapist activities, which need to be used.

“It is high time for Nigerian scholars to start advocating for the use of holy books in punishing rapist, so as to better the lives of all children and women,” he noted.

An interfaith specialist, Hajiya Ramatu Tijani, in her own view said there is need for all the humanitarian NGOs, corporate organizations, JNI, C.A.N., Council of Imam and Ulamas, and association of women journalists, women lawyers, association of wives of Nigerian military to rise-up and sustain the hype of the campaign against all forms of rape in the society.

According to her, media houses – both print and electronic, with social media – must sustain the hype toward making sure that all relevant authorities take action to end molestation of women and children in the country.

She equally called for the review of the law on rape to ensure that rapists are adequately punished in accordance to the laws of the country, so as to save lives of children from all forms of dangers.

While stressing that changing the old laws would definitely make life better for women and children in the country, the interfaith specialist equally called on security and para-military to also support the fight against gang-rape and all forms of child molestation.

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